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STAHL CraneSystems is proud to be a leader in the field of hoists and crane components. On the way to playing an instrumental role at all times, our engineers use their sound know-how and long experience to advance our technology further and set new standards. Always with the benefits for our customers in mind.


From carefully selected base materials and precision manufacture of components to high-quality final product. When it comes to perfect interaction between all parts of the modular hoists and crane components, we leave nothing to chance. We achieve this exemplary quality of products from STAHL CraneSystems through, amongst others, own production of the individual parts with the help of the latest manufacturing technologies.


Our experienced personnel at our production sites in Europe assemble the complete hoists and crane components and test them exhaustively. Only when all safety standards have been met and all results have convinced us fully are we at STAHL CraneSystems satisfied. After all, product and work safety are uppermost concerns for us so that our customers can trust in the reliability of our products to 100 percent.

Quality assurance

Every product from STAHL CraneSystems stands out for its uncompromising quality, high reliability and maximum performance. The individual parts, which are matched to each other precisely, are manufactured with the highest quality. To ensure this remains so, we work with an integrated quality management system that meets national and international documentation requirements.


STAHL CraneSystems—德国总部 Künzelsau 外旗帜飘扬




特写镜头:STAHL CraneSystems – 所有 ATEX 部件的质量检查。




特写镜头:STAHL CraneSystems – 符合 ATEX 规定的防爆外壳的螺纹。




来自STAHL CraneSystems的SH防爆钢丝绳葫芦安装在海上的悬臂起重机上。