Spezialseilzüge für LNG-Anlagen

LNG 钢丝绳葫芦

LNG hoists for liquefied gas trains and terminals

The LNG hoists from STAHL CraneSystems are designed specifically for maintenance work on liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks. Due to their high-quality components, robust construction, corrosion-resistant finishes and many other features, they are ideally suited for use in coastal regions with demanding climatic conditions. The pumps, which pump the cold liquefied natural gas (–164 °C to –161 °C) in a pipe system, must be lifted out of the approximately 70 metre high tanks into the open for maintenance work up to five times a year. In view of the extreme conditions in the tank, special ropes, which are fastened permanently to the liquefied natural gas pump and therefore spend their lives in the tank, are needed for this. When maintenance work needs to be carried out, these ropes are fastened to the rope drum and hoist with quick fasteners.

The experts in our engineering department develop these special hoists according to individual requirements, specifications, quality standards and national regulations. The projects are implemented economically, effectively and in constant high quality. This includes compliance with all global regulations and standards, implementation of all international certifications and customer-specific documentation.

The LNG hoists from STAHL CraneSystems are offered in four safety levels. The LNG wire rope hoists from STAHL CraneSystems in level 3B are currently regarded as the safest explosion-proof hoists available on the market.

  • Sophisticated engineering ideally adapted to your project
  • Technically mature, using fieldproven standard components
  • International specialist for explosion-protected hoist and crane technology
  • Our own production with certified quality assurance
  • All customised solutions certified to ATEX directives or IECEx regulations
  • Partner for official international procedures
  • Full documentation
  • Schwenkkran mit LNG-Seilzügen SH in einem LNG Terminal in Shenzen.

    Housings protect the SH LNG wire rope hoists from the weather during long stop periods.

  • 来自STAHL CraneSystems的SH防爆钢丝绳葫芦安装在海上的悬臂起重机上。

    The SH 50 Ex wire rope hoist is protected against dust, sand, heat, cold and salty sea air by special coatings.

  • Seilzug SH an einem Schwenkkran in einem LNG-Terminal in Rotterdam.

    The LNG wire rope hoist in Safety Level 3A is equipped with two brakes, two gearboxes and two ropes for double safety.

  • Zwei Mitarbeiter stehen an einer explosionsgeschützten Sonderlösung.

    The experts in our engineering department develop these customised hoists for every crane manufacturer and EPC contractor to meet their individual requirements, specifications, quality standards and national regulations.

  • Schwenkkran auf LNG-Tank in den USA

    The slewing crane on the LNG tank positions the hook of the manual chain hoist perfectly above the pump port.

  • LNG-Hebezeug mit Sicherheitslevel 1

    LNG hoist with Safety Level 1

  • LNG-Hebezeug mit Sicherheitslevel 2

    LNG hoist with Safety Level 2

  • LNG-Hebezeug mit Sicherheitslevel 3A

    LNG hoist with Safety Level 3A

  • LNG-Hebezeug mit Sicherheitslevel 3B

    LNG hoist with Safety Level 3B


The different models and trolley variants allow not only a wide variety of uses, but also very individualised solutions tailored to specific requirements.

  • Sicherheitslevel 1 mit erhöhter Sicherheit Sicherheitslevel 2 mit zwei parallel laufenden Seiltrommeln

    Safety Level 1 and 2

    Safety Level 1 with increased safety
    Safety Level 2 with two rope drums running in parallel

  • Sicherheitslevel 3A mit redundant aufgebautem Hubwerk Sicherheitslevel 3B mit zusätzlich schwingend gelagerter, gedämpfter Aufhängung

    Safety Level 3A and 3B

    Safety Level 3A with redundant hoist
    Safety Level 3B with additional floating and dampened suspension

  • Grafik eines Seilzugs SH und eines Seilzugs AS 7 zur Erklärung des Sicherheitslevels 1

    Safety Level 1

    As a basic principle, LNG hoists are custom built to the individual specifications and requirements provided by systems builders and EPC contractors. Safety Level 1, the lowest level, employs explosion-protected hoists from STAHL CraneSystems’ SH wire rope hoist programme or AS wire rope hoist programme, specifically designed for routine maintenance work on LNG trains. There is only one motor, hoist gear and brake. The modular principle enables various customer requirements to be met.

  • Grafik eines Seilzugs SH und eines Seilzugs AS 7 zur Erklärung des Sicherheitslevels 2

    Safety Level 2

    In Safety Level 2, two rope drums from the SH wire rope hoist programme, permanently connected by a chain, are driven by one motor.
    As an option, a fast action lock can be used to exchange the standard wire rope and the rope of the liquefied gas pump. The LNG pump’s ropes can be taken up on one drum or on both drums in parallel as required. There is only one motor, hoist gear and brake. The modular principle enables various customer requirements to be met.

  • Grafik eines Seilzugs SH und eines Seilzugs AS 7 zur Erklärung des Sicherheitslevels 3A

    Safety Level 3A

    The LNG hoist in Safety Level 3A is equipped with two separately driven motor-gear units running parallel, two rope drums and two brakes. The brakes are designed so that each one individually is able to brake or hold the load in an emergency. The brakes are synchronously controlled and act as service and holding brakes. The off-standard wire ropes permanently connected to the pump are attached to the rope drum of the LNG hoist by an optional fast action lock. Generally, lifting is performed by one load-bearing rope, the second rope runs parallel as a dead rope without load. In the unlikely event that one of the ropes should break, the second hoist can take over the load and continue lifting.

  • Grafik eines Seilzugs SH und eines Seilzugs AS 7 zur Erklärung des Sicherheitslevels 3B

    Safety Level 3B

    LNG wire rope hoists in Safety Level 3B are masterpieces of STAHL CraneSystems’ engineering and are regarded as the safest, mosttechnically mature hoists in the world. As with the LNG hoists in Safety Level 3A, their construction is fully redundant. Increased safety is guaranteed by the additional floating and spring-loaded suspension. Only one rope acts as lifting rope when lifting the pump. The second hoist runs in parallel with a dead rope as backup. If the load rope should break during lifting, the second hoist takes over. However in Safety Level 3B, the hoist’s floating and spring-loaded suspension absorbs the impact of the abrupt load change without jolting and ensures that the load’s centre of gravity stays centred under the hoist. Lifting can continue without disruption and without damaging the valuable pump or any part of the system.

安全等级 钢丝绳卷筒 钢丝绳卷筒 起升齿轮箱 绕绳 浮动弹簧悬挂
1 1 1 1 1/1 2
2 2 2 1 1/1 2
3A 2 2 2 1/1 2
3B 2 2 2 1/1 0
标配    不存在



The LNG Engineering Solution

18 pages



Wire Rope Hoists Ex – SH, AS

196 pages

05.2015 | Rev. 04.2016


Explosion protected crane technology

80 x 60 cm



STAHL CraneSystems 的 SH 钢丝绳葫芦是世界上顶尖的葫芦之一。它经过几千次实践考验,应用于各种不同场合,低维护率且有惊人的使用寿命。来自于德国的完美起重机技术。

SH 钢丝绳葫芦

全方位的钢丝绳葫芦其安全工作负荷可以高达 25,000 公斤。模块化的设计以及个性化的适应性,可以满足最高的起重要求。

 SH 钢丝绳葫芦

STAHL CraneSystems 的 SH 6080 钢丝绳葫芦

SH 6080 钢丝绳葫芦

SH 6080 钢丝绳葫芦方案可用于高达 32,000 kg 的负载。

 SH 6080 钢丝绳葫芦

AS 7 钢丝绳葫芦最高额定载荷可达 80,000 kg。AS 7 钢丝绳葫芦相当稳固且归功于它紧凑的结构使得在系统和有限空间中理想地应用。

AS 7 钢丝绳葫芦


 AS 7 钢丝绳葫芦


SHW 8 卷扬机


 SHW 8 卷扬机

STAHL CraneSystems 公司在防爆钢丝绳葫芦的制造方面精益求精:公司拥有自主的研发和制造流程,并且通过了国际认证。公司在这方面积累了 140 多年的丰富经验。

钢丝绳葫芦 Ex | 绞车 Ex

防爆钢丝绳葫芦和绞车通过 ATEX 和 IECEx 认证,适用于 1 区、2 区以及 21 区或 22 区。

 钢丝绳葫芦 Ex | 绞车 Ex

双驱动 TDC 概念满足了 DIN EN 14492-2 对运输熔融金属的所有要求。有 TDC 设计的钢丝绳葫芦适用于铸造厂和化工厂。

TDC 双驱动概念


 TDC 双驱动概念

在英国,很多的 ST 型环链葫芦被用于铁路轨道的维护和更换。