Tandemkran mit zwei Kranbrücken, vier Seilzügen und Palettengreifer


Powerhouse with strength in reserve

The single girder overhead travelling crane lifts safe working loads to 16,000 kg. The crane bridge girders are adapted individually to the ceiling construction with different connection variants. This allows optimum utilisation of space. The lifting height can be increased further by using a cantilever crab with extremely low headroom or a chain hoist in extra short headroom trolley design. In their standard version all bridge cranes are equipped with festoon cable power supply line along the crane bridge and with control pendants. Radio control is possible on request.

Competent local partners, many of whom are certified, plan, produce and install single girder overhead travelling cranes with high-quality technology from STAHL CraneSystems. You can find the right contact on our contacts page.

  • Flexible, adaptable through different installation variants
  • Low-maintenance, low-noise direct drive with disc brake and centrifugal mass
  • Smooth starting and braking characteristics: with frequency inverter as an option
  • Explosion-proof versions or off-standard solutions through engineering
  • Worldwide network of certified partners, crane manufacturers and system builders
  • Einträgerbrückenkran mit Seilzug SH in niedriger Lagerhalle in Deutschland

    Thanks to the design of this single girder overhead travelling crane, which was adapted individually to the hall situation, a low ware­house was converted into a production hall.

  • Einträgerbrückenkran mit zwei Seilzügen SH an den Schleusen des Camporredondo Staudamms in Nordspanien.

    A single girder overhead travelling crane is used to open and close the cofferdam sluices for maintenance work on a sluice.

  • 配备 SH 钢丝绳葫芦的四台单梁桥式起重机在 Backnang Riva 的工厂中。

    Single girder overhead travelling cranes with components from STAHL CraneSystems see to a smooth flow of material in a factory.

  • Im Freien arbeiten fünf Einträgerbrückenkrane mit zwei Seilzügen SH.

    This factory site boasts a total of five single girder overhead travelling cranes, each with two SH wire rope hoists working in tandem. They help to load casting moulds on to trucks.

  • Aufgebockter Einträgerbrückenkran mit Kettenzug ST 20 in Messlabor der Physikalisch-Technischen Prüfanstalt (PTB) in Braunschweig.

    This double jacked, individually adapted single girder overhead travelling crane makes optimum use of the height of the hall.


The different models and trolley variants allow not only a wide variety of uses, but also very individualised solutions tailored to specific requirements.

  • Grafik der Ausführung ›EL-A‹

    Version ›EL-A‹

  • Grafik der Ausführung ›EL-B‹

    Version ›EL-B‹

  • Grafik der Ausführung ›EL-C‹

    Version ›EL-C‹







带钢丝绳葫芦的 LNG 悬臂起重机






可安全和精密地移动大型、笨重的货物,重量可达 250,000 kg。


固定在车间天花板上、带 SH 钢丝绳葫芦的单梁悬挂起重机。


对于小型或低矮工厂车间,10,000 kg 以下的最佳解决方案。