Lifting bulky loads without obstruction

The Big Bag version, a special variant of the STD dual chain hoist, is designed for safe working loads up to 3,200 kg. Its special features are the freely selectable distance between chain hoist and load hook as well as lifting of bulky loads up to the highest hook position without obstructing edges such as trolley, chain hoist or chain box getting in the way.

The chain hoists are also available in explosion-proof design for Zone 1, Zone 21 and Zone 22.

  • Freely selectable distance to load hook
  • Lifting to the highest hook position without obstruction
  • Low headroom for low buildings
  • Safe working load to 3,200 kg
  • Based on the popular STD dual chain hoist and tried-and-tested ST series
  • Optionally available in explosion-proof design
  • Die spezielle Bauform der Big-Bag-Kettenzüge ermöglicht das Heben von Traversen ohne Störkanten.

    The special design of the Big Bag chain hoists allows lifting of lifting beams without obstructing edges getting in the way.

  • Die Kurze Katze mit verlängertem Hakenablauf ist für Traglasten von 500 kg bis 3.200 kg verfügbar.

    The short headroom trolley with extended rope lead-off is available for safe working loads of 500 kg to 3,200 kg.

  • Kettenzüge STB heben durch den frei wählbaren Abstand zwischen Kettenzug und Lasthaken auch sperrige Lasten bis zur höchsten Hakenstellung.

    Thanks to the freely selectable distance between chain hoist and loak hook, STB chain hoists also lift bulky loads up to the highest hook position.


The different models and trolley variants allow not only a wide variety of uses, but also very individualised solutions tailored to specific requirements.

  • Grafik des Big Bag-Kettenzugs STB. Er hebt sperrige Lasten bis zur höchsten Hakenstellung.

    The Big Bag version is designed for load capacities up to 3,200 kg. Its special feature is the free choice of the distance between chain hoist and load hook which makes lifting bulky loads or Big Bags up to top hook position possible without hindering edges such as trolley, chain hoist or chain box.

型号 起重量 [kg] 低净空小车 超级低净空小车 双钩环链葫芦 不一样的双钩环链葫芦 大袋
ST 05 125 – 630 0 0 0 1 2
ST 10 500 – 1,000 0 2 0 1 0
ST 20 1,000 – 2,000 0 2 2 1 2
ST 30 1,250 – 3,200 0 0 0 1 0
ST 32 1,250 – 3,200 0 2 2 2 2
ST 50 2,500 – 5,000 0 0 0 1 0
ST 60 3,200 – 6,300 0 1 0 1 2
标配    选项    不存在


  • Grafische Darstellung des Kettenzug ST und seines technischen Aufbaus.

    The ST chain hoist programme boasts superior technology. The low-maintenance components of the modular chain hoist are optimally matched to each other. They guarantee constant performance, long service life and high efficiency.

  • Kettenzugmotor von STAHL CraneSystems


    • High ISO classification according to FEM/ISO standards
    • Powerful motors with high duty cycle and number of switching operations
    • Standard fan cooling
    • Single-speed and frequency-controlled versions available as options
    • Optional temperature control by thermistor
  • Bremse des Kettenzugs ST von STAHL CraneSystems


    • Low-maintenance, asbestos-free electromagnetic disc brake
    • Oversized braking torque
    • Long service life, brake pad status can be checked and measured
    • Brake completely enclosed, protected from humidity, vapours and dusts from the exterior; ensuring long-term reliable operation
  • Detailfoto des patentierten Kettentriebs der STAHL CraneSystems Kettenzüge

    Chain drive

    • Innovative patented chain drive
    • Anchorage and load-bearing components are directly integrated into the high-tensile grey cast iron
    • Simple inspection and replacement of the chain sprocket thanks to over-mounted shaft bearing
    • Enclosed chain guide
    • Reliable functioning even in demanding applications
    • Wear-resistant case-hardened chain sprocket in conjunction with optimised return sheaves; ensuring low wear on the chain
  • Geöffneter Steuerungskasten des Kettenzugs ST von STAHL CraneSystems

    Standard control

    • All customary connecting and control voltages are available
    • Plug connection of control pendant and travel motor
    • Clear arrangement of contactors
    • As an option, available with direct control
    • As an option, available without control pendant and/or contactor control
  • Kettenzug ST von STAHL CraneSystems in grün-schwarzer Standardlackierung


    • Standard paint treatment as per RAL 6018 yellow-green and RAL 7021 greyish black
    • High-quality primer and top coats for standard applications
    • Off-standard paint treatment for outdoor use or corrosive ambient conditions
    • Other colours per RAL chart optionally available 
  • Zahnrad des Kettenzugs ST von STAHL CraneSystems aus eigener Produktion

    Overload slipping clutch and gear

    • The slipping clutch of the ST 10 to ST 60 is located in the oil bath.
    • Easily adjustable from the exterior
    • Precise response
    • No electronic limiting necessary
    • Various gear reductions available
    • Oversized helically geared gearbox
  • Lastketten in verschiedenen Stärken für den Kettenzug ST von STAHL CraneSystems


    • Surface-hardened, galvanised and large dimensioned load chain
    • High case depth for long service life
    • High ISO classification according to FEM/ISO standards
    • Stainless steel or blackened manganese­phosphated load chains are available as option
  • Kettenspeicher aus Gewebe, Kunststoff und Stahlblech für den Kettenzug ST von STAHL CraneSystems

    Chain box

    • Large selection of chain boxes in plastic, sheet steel, textile or stainless steel
    • Available without chain box as an option

Options and features

Although they are already first-class in their standard design, you can make the hoists even safer, more economical and more convenient with a range of mechanical, electrical and electronic options. They simultaneously improve performance, prolong service life and make it possible to adapt the hoist individually to specific requirements.

Here are some of the options frequently used.

  • Rotes Steuergerät mit NOT-HALT Schlagtaster.

    Control pendant

    • Robust control pendant with EMERGENCY STOP palm button and control cable
    • All switching elements for hoist, cross, and long travel are 2-step
    • IP65 protection
    • Additional buttons, such as horn activation, can be easily fitted
  • Drei verschiedene Funkfernsteuergeräte als Drucktastengerät und ein Joysticksender in Meisterschalterausführung.

    Radio remote control units

    • Flex-Wave pushbutton unit with protective cover and carry strap
    • VUE pushbutton units with feedback display
    • MLTX2 joystick transmitter with controller and carry strap
    • Optional battery chargers with standard rechargeable batteries
    • Robust, fibre-reinforced plastic housing, IP66 protection
    • Frequency ranges 433, 863 or 2,400 kHz
    • Also available in explosion-proof version
    • Other radio remote control units optionally available on request
  • Multicontroller SMC für permanente Lastüberwachung

    SMC Multicontroller

    • Continuous load monitoring by overload cut-off even if hoist is idling
    • Overload protection with ALC automatic load control
    • Load spectrum memory for load-related operating time summation
    • Operating data registration, e.g. operating hours, load spectrum, motor switching operations and load cycles
    • Data exchange with PC possible
  • Fahrendschalter für die Befestigung am Katzfahrwerk.

    Travel limit switch

    • Travel limit switch on crab available as option
    • Limiting for both directions of travel
    • Switchover from “fast/slow” (predisconnect)
    • Switch contacts designed for control current
    • IP66 protection
  • Hub-Betriebsendschalter

    Operational hoist limit switch

    • Two versions are possible: cut-off in top hook position or cut-off in top and bottom hook position (stationary, push trolley, electric trolley)
    • Activated by the bottom hook block
  • Gear-type limit switch

    Gear-type limit switch

    • Various functions possible: e. g. routine operational cut-off in highest or lowest hook position or switching from “fast” to “slow” before the stops
    • IP55 protection, optionally IP66
  • Kettenführung aus Federstahlblech für den Kettenzug ST

    Spring-steel chain guide

    • Heavy high-tensile chain guide for rugged use
    • Enclosed chain guide
    • Extremely wear-resistant case-hardened chain sprocket
  • Bypassbremse des Kettenzuges ST

    Bypass brake

    • Second brake for increased safety
    • Identically dimensioned
    • Second brake acts in force transmission directly on the load, i. e. bypassed the slipping clutch
    • As an alternative to the bypass brake, a second hoist motor brake is available
  • Large-format load indicator with luminous red digits.

    Load display

    • SLD four-digit 7-segment load display, large format, luminous red
    • Available with various interfaces including CAN
    • Choice of 100 or 150 mm digit height
    • Combinable with the hoist’s overload sensor and the SMC multicontroller available as an option, no additional fixtures or load attachment devices are required, the headroom of the hoist remains unchanged
  • Rutschkupplungsprüfsgerät FMD1

    FMD1 slipping clutch test device

    • Robust full metal design
    • Modern electronic test apparatus with field-proven sensor technology, high degree of accuracy ± 2 %
    • Test range up to 4,000 kg on one chain fall, suitable for chains up to 11.3 mm link thickness
    • Optionally available for STD and STK
    • Protector for evaluation device and internal test program
    • Simple intuitive handling



ST 系列环链葫芦




Chain Hoists – ST

96 pages

07.2018 | Rev. 09.2019


世界上最大的环链葫芦系列,负载达 6,300 kg。结构紧凑且易于维护。

ST 环链葫芦

世界上最大的环链葫芦系列,负载达 6,300 kg。结构紧凑且易于维护。

 ST 环链葫芦

STF 环链葫芦配有 SFH Vario­speed 和 Magnetek® IMPULSE®•G+ Mini 变频器。

STF 环链葫芦

STF 环链葫芦配有 SFH Vario­speed 和 Magnetek® IMPULSE®•G+ Mini 变频器。

 STF 环链葫芦

[超]低净空小车减少了 33 % 或 60 % 的结构高度,却可达到最大的吊钩行程。


[超]短台车减少了 33 % 或 60 % 的结构高度,却可达到最大的吊钩行程。


STD 双钩环链葫芦是专门为要用两点起吊的长型货物和负载开发的。


STD 双环链葫芦是专门为要用两点起吊的长型货物和负载开发的。


个性化地根据特殊要求调整非标解决方案是 STAHL CraneSystems 的优势。


个性化地根据特殊要求调整非标解决方案是 STAHL CraneSystems 的优势。


ST Ex 防爆环链葫芦适用于所有防护区、应用范围、行业和地区。

环链葫芦 ST Ex

防爆环链葫芦通过 ATEX 和 IECEx 认证,适用于 1 区以及 21 区或 22 区。

 环链葫芦 ST Ex

在英国,很多的 ST 型环链葫芦被用于铁路轨道的维护和更换。