Single girder overhead travelling crane – assembly


Reliable and safe

In the course of their long service lives, the demands placed on crane systems and crane technology change. New operating procedures, stricter safety requirements as well as high-cost and high-maintenance components present operators with the question of how the value of a system can be maintained and its efficiency increased. Instead of a mere repair or a comprehensive general overhaul, it is often worth considering modernising the system. It is cost-effective because specific replacement of individual components or systems means that many existing elements can continue to be used and the entire installation does not have to be replaced. At the same time, modernisation makes it possible to maintain the productivity of a plant and enhance its safety over the long term with selected adaptations.

From consultation and planning to implementation of modernisation projects, our customers can rely on the know-how and pioneering technology of STAHL CraneSystems.

  • Competent solutions for all modernisation requirements
  • One-stop consultation, planning and implementation
  • Planning and cost dependability
  • Flexible and adaptable technology for all crane types, hoisting and crane movements, and safety requirements
  • Short delivery times
  • Long-term availability of spare parts
  • On-site services

Modernisations with STAHL CraneSystems

Experts worldwide rely on modernisations with STAHL CraneSystems. Innovative and well-conceived down to the smallest detail, we use our know-how to implement various modernisation projects with the utmost care. Whether replacing old trolleys, retrofitting sensors, installing safety technology, converting to overhead material transport or increasing the S.W.L. – in all countries, our engineering and crane technology repeatedly prove great flexibility, reliability and cost efficiency.

  • 单梁桥式起重机在自承式起重机悬臂吊跑道上可在厂房内用 SH 钢丝绳葫芦提升天然石材。

    Due to the cantilevered and raised special design of the new crane runway, it protrudes 3 metres into the existing wide hall area. This area can now be served by both cranes, which are equipped with SH wire rope hoists.

  • Portal crane during charging in a raw material mixing plant

    During charging, the portal crane drives through the hall of the raw material mixing plant to the storage bunkers at speeds of up to 63 m/min. Thanks to the compact dimensions of the trolley and wire rope hoist, the new crane system could be integrated into the existing hall and still provide the required lifting height.

  • A series of ST chain hoists are used in England for maintenance and replacement of railway tracks.

    A series of ST chain hoists are used in England for maintenance and replacement of railway tracks. All hoists are equipped with special load handling equipment. To ensure that the chain hoists work synchronously, they are controlled centrally.

  • Customised crane equipped with two SH wire rope hoists on a customised crab

    The existing crane runway and low ceiling of the hall left little space for the new crane. The compact SH wire rope hoists, each with an S.W.L. of 8 tons in tandem operation, run on a special trolley between the box girders.

  • Stacker crane with SH wire rope hoist

    The basis for the special stacking crane is a custom solution with an SH 60 wire rope hoist that was equipped for this application with a double-grooved rope drum. The concrete elements weighing up to 5.7 t are lifted from the production line on to transport vehicles using a telescopic lifting mast. The modernisation has increased the handling of pre-cast elements by up to 20 %.

  • Sonderhängekrane mit Einschienenfahrwerk und hochgesetztem Kettenzug ST 20

    The two double-girder suspension cranes are used in a carpentry shop to transport wooden beams and prefabricated walls. Only a few centimetres remain between the suspension crane and the roof trusses. For this reason, the ST 20 chain hoist was raised to gain lifting height.

  • SH wire rope hoist on an underslung trolley, the crane controller is mounted on the counterweight.

    The two-part crane is equipped with 5 photo-electric barriers for non-contact signal transmission between the crane bridges. When the crane operator gives the command to lock, the control system brakes automatically on approach and locks the crane bridges.



STAHL CraneSystems 钢丝绳葫芦上有防爆开关盒的标识。


防爆起重机技术符合 ATEX 和 IECEx 防爆标准,并且公司拥有着 90 多年的防爆知识和经验。


LNG 终端与储罐的图形。


LNG 和 LNG 储罐的工程解决方案。


在英国,很多的 ST 型环链葫芦被用于铁路轨道的维护和更换。




STAHL CraneSystems - 起重技术的智能解决方案


数字化、联网和智能系统 – 工业 4.0 改变了起重和输送技术行业。


悬臂起重机上的 SH 60 Ex 钢丝绳葫芦,安装在 LNG 储罐上。

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为 EPC 公司在全世界规划、组织和实现起重和起重机技术项目。

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