Major project completed –

Major project completed –

6 Ex cranes

6 explosion-protected cranes commissioned

03.08.2009 Imprensa [ENGLISH]

The STAHL CraneSystems subsidiary in the Middle East has supplied six 80 t overhead travelling cranes with explosion-protected hoists to Qatar Gas. Qatar Gas is a major player in the LNG industry. This was the largest single order in the history of STAHL CraneSystems. Supply and erection of the cranes was a great challenge for the Dubai team. A 120 t test stand was set up especially for this project in order to be able to test the cranes before delivery.

The hard work of the committed team was ultimately crowned with success: the project was completed ahead of schedule. Qatar Gas scheduled approximately 17 months for manufacturing and erecting the six cranes and refurbishing and modernizing the existing cranes in another LNG plant. To the gratification of Qatar Gas, STAHL Crane-Systems FZE managed to complete the whole volume of the order within 14 months.

The success of this project had a lasting impact. Just recently, STAHL CraneSystems has received the order for replacing four existing hoists. The 6.5 t hoists are unusual in that everything is duplicated to ensure a completely failsafe design. As these hoists frequently caused problems during maintenance, Qatar Gas entrusted STAHL CraneSystems with a feasibility study. The STAHL CraneSystems engineers worked closely with the engineers from Qatar Gas to optimize the existing design. In the end STAHL CraneSystems offered a solution which rectifies many of the difficulties criticized by Qatar Gas. It comprises a non-corrosive design, separate power supply and access to the hoist for maintenance – a total improvement on the original design of 25 %.