10,000 x ST 50 chain hoist

10,000 x ST 50 chain hoist

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04.12.2012 Imprensa [ENGLISH]

The 10,000th ST 50 chain hoist departed the German Künzelsau plant on 14 September 2012. The second-largest chain hoist in the popular ST range lifts loads of up to 5,000 kg. It thus operates in a load capacity range which is usually reserved for wire rope hoists. The chain hoist, serial number 37-10000, was airfreighted to our Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai.

The first chain hoist in this range – at that time its type designation was ST 5000 – was supplied in January 1999. The ST’s compact construction and alternative methods of suspension made it popular both in crane and systems building. The model is also distinguished by its high power density and exceptional reliability. Naturally the favourable price-performance ratio contributed to the ST 50’s success: This chain hoist frequently offers a cost-effective alternative to a wire rope hoist.

Even when it was first introduced, the ST 50 was technically highly mature: It has been produced to this day without any major modifications. Over the years many variants have been added, resulting by now in a unique product range. A modular system, permitting it to be adapted exactly to customers’ requirements and to produce numerous off-standard solutions, forms the base. STAHL CraneSystems’ chain hoist range covers the S.W.L. range from 125–6,3000 kg and thus offers the largest complete range of chain hoists in the world.

Off-standard hoists with 20,000 kg and 30,000 kg S.W.L. are made possible by coupling several hoists. They are designed for specific orders and are suitable for applications where the customer requires a high safe working load in conjunction with small dimensions and short approach dimensions.

In 2003, STAHL CraneSystems developed the explosion-protected range ST 50 ex on the basis of the ST 50, also extremely successful with its ATEX and IECEx approval. The largest chain hoist in the ST range is the ST 60, a further development of the ST 50.

On the market since 2005, the ST 60 with 6,300 kg safe working load defines the upper load limit of STAHL CraneSystems’ huge range of chain hoists.


The 10,000th ST 50 chain hoist left the Künzelsau plant on 14 September 2012 and was delivered to our Shanghai subsidiary.
This off-standard hoist in a chemical plant comprises an STD 50 dual chain hoist with two synchronous hook lead-offs and an ST 20 as auxiliary hoist. Naturally the STD dual chain hoist too is based on the field-proven modular system of chain hoists.
Customised solution consisting of four coupled ST 50: STAHL CraneSystems developed this hoist with 30,000 kg S.W.L. and extremely short approach dimensions for a nickel mine in New Caledonia.