Lifts light loads faster

Lifts light loads faster

Frequency-controlled SHA wire rope hoist

The SHA frequency-controlled wire rope hoist

11.12.2015 Imprensa [ENGLISH]

STAHL CraneSystems introduces the SHA for lightweight industrial cranes with a brand-new, flexible motor concept, offering an adaptive speed control (ASR) in addition to frequency-controlled hoist and travel characteristics. The newly developed motors enable lifting without load or with low loads at three times the speed of lifting with full load. The lifting speed is adaptively adjusted to the actual load. In this way the SHA saves time and increases productivity in working environments where maximum lifting capacity is only rarely required. With its flexible application spectrum and favourable price-performance ratio, the SHA is an attractive alternative to the SH and SHF series.

What applications is the SHA suitable for?
It is worth comparing the SHA with the SH and SHF series in order to appreciate its advantages. The SH wire rope hoist is our powerful all-round model with pole-changing motors. Available in five frame sizes and 26 S.W.L. variants between 500 kg and 25,000 kg, it offers a vast selection of models for standard and off-standard solutions. The SHF range adds to this the advantages of frequency control:

Smooth starting, variable speed, lower load on the crane bridge and the ESR extended speed range. Thanks to this technology, the SHF wire rope hoist is able to lift and lower light loads up to 50 % faster and thus achieve hoisting speeds above that given for maximum load.

The SHF is convenient for customers who frequently perform lifting operations are with heavy or maximum loads yet wish to utilise the advantages of the extended speed range for other lifting operations.

The SHA wire rope hoist follows a new concept and with its excellent price-performance ratio it is an ideal introduction to the world of frequency-controlled wire rope hoists. Thanks to the adaptive speed control, the SHA reaches up to three times the hoisting speed with loads up to 10 % of maximum load – this is in comparison with the SH wire rope hoist. Adapting the hoisting speed increases productivity and protects the system. Due to its lower output, the SHA uses less energy, both reducing stress on the power supply and conserving valuable resources. The SHA comes into its own in production environments where lighter loads are lifted frequently, however a high lifting capacity is required for a few rare applications.

The new SHA series is available in six S.W.L. variants between 3,200 kg and 10,000 kg and is available immediately.


The new SHA wire rope hoist will convince you with its excellent price-performance ratio. It is equipped as standard with frequency inverter and adaptive speed control and increases productivity in working environments in which the maximum lifting capacity is only rarely required.
Its striking identifying feature is the new hoist motor.
The SHA scores with a compact construction despite the additional features.