Higher, stronger, faster

Higher, stronger, faster

The AS 7 ZW

The AS 7 twin wire rope hoist

15.09.2010 Imprensa [ENGLISH]

Everyone familiar with STAHL CraneSystems knows the SHW 8 heavy duty winch: a robust piece of equipment for loads from 100 to 160 tonnes. Now STAHL CraneSystems presents a new hoist in this weight class, the AS 7 ZW. This further development of the established AS 7 wire rope hoists offers a number of advantages in comparison with other hoists.

Higher, stronger, faster
As a twin hoist, the AS 7 ZW wire rope hoist has a faster hoisting speed than those hoists hitherto available. It differs from its “little brother” AS 7 in its conspicuously greater height of lift and its maximum working load of up to 125 tonnes which STAHL CraneSystems has achieved by modifying the rope reeving. Besides the technical data, the price too is convincing: as a combination of field-proven STAHL CraneSystems crane components the AS 7 ZW offers a cost-effective alternative to other hoists in this weight class.

For crane systems and systems manufacturing
Its specific configuration makes the AS 7 ZW suitable for several areas of application. Typically, the twin hoist is mounted on a double-rail crab and used on a double girder overhead travelling crane. Here it can take full advantage of its compact construction: it requires only a low ceiling height thus saving real money in new buildings. Its counter-running rope reeving prevents sideways movement of the hook and permits even heavy loads to be set down extremely accurately. This makes day-to-day work faster and safer. However in systems manufacture too the AS 7 finds appreciative takers – as stationary hoisting or towing equipment with multiple angles of installation and rope lead-offs it moves factory doors and storage and retrieval machines or can be used as a traversing hoist with more than one rope lead-off, for example in long goods storage technology. In brief: the AS 7 ZW can move anything heavy.

Explosion protection from the world market leader
STAHL CraneSystems does not just offer the world’s widest selection of hoists. In addition to customised off-standard solutions, the Künzelsau crane technology experts are known above all for their explosion-protected hoists. It goes without saying that the AS 7 ZW too is available in explosion-protection version if desired. These specially modified and certified hoists are used in hazardous areas, e.g. on drilling rigs and chemical plants, but also in corn silos and mines.

The matching crane
As a pure technology supplier, STAHL CraneSystems stands for high-quality crane technology “made in Germany”. German and international customers can order the matching crane – including optimum consulting – from competent crane manufacturers in their individual regions.


The AS 7 ZW offers a cost-effective alternative to other hoists in the heavy duty class. As a further development on the established AS 7 series the new hoist is technically mature and reliable right from the first day.
AS 7 wire rope hoists stand out due to their high loading capacity and robust, compact construction.
On the AS 7, motor, gear and rope drum are arranged in line. This central gear concept permits high outputs and loads. As a twin hoist the AS 7 achieves higher hoisting speeds and greater heights of lift, and safe working loads up to 125 tonnes.