Philipp Michel an seinem Arbeitsplatz bei STAHL CraneSystems in Künzelsau

Philipp Michel

Philipp Michel – Dual degree course, me­chan­ical engineering

Dual degree course in mechanical engineering at STAHL CraneSystems

Philipp Michel qualified as Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering at STAHL CraneSystems in 2014. Today the 26-year-old works as an engineer in the Product Development department and feels quite at home.

What was your first impression of STAHL CraneSystems?
I remember my job interview very well. My welcome was very friendly indeed and then I was introduced to the company. I was told about future prospects right from the start, which is why I did not have to think for long. I immediately decided to start my combined vocational training and degree course at STAHL CraneSystems.

What were the focal points of your studies?
One important part was getting to know the different departments so as to get a better understanding of the work flows and processes. To begin with, I was naturally familiarised with the different departments and given the opportunity to work on a few small projects fairly early on. My thesis at the end of my studies was then a separate major project.

How were you accepted in the individual teams?
Was there always someone you could go to in case of problems?

I was welcomed openly and friendly everywhere. In every department there was a person I could go to for help in the case of problems or uncertainties. I was also informed of the work processes and tasks in every department.

How did you like the times at the cooperative state university?
I enjoyed my time at the Cooperative State University in Mosbach (DHBW). I learnt a lot there and was able to apply that knowledge immediately in the company. The great thing about a dual degree course is the variety (usually 3 months at university and then 3 months in the company) and that, in spite of your studies, you gain a lot of practical experience and also earn your own money.

What happened after your training at STAHL CraneSystems?
It was made clear to me before I finished my studies that the company would like to keep me. I was offered a job in the department I really wanted to work in (Development), where I had also written my thesis. It did of course not take me long to accept the offer.

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