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Proteção de dados para candidatos (em inglês)

We are delighted that you are interested in a position in our company.
We process your application data so that we can assess whether you have the suitability, capability and professional performance for the position for which you are applying (Art. 6 (1) b, GDPR). Within the scope of your application it is essential for administrative and legal reasons to collect, save and process data relating to you as a person.

In the event that following the application process an employment relationship, apprenticeship, internship or other service relationship is entered into, the data will initially continue to be stored and forwarded to your personnel file.

In the following, we are providing the information required under Art. 13 GDPR:

1. Contact details of the controller

(Art. 13 (1) a, GDPR)

STAHL CraneSystems GmbH
Daimlerstr. 6
74653 Künzelsau
Tel +49 7940 128-0

represented by the Managing Director Werner Wagner

2. Contact details of the Data Protection Officer

(Art. 13 (1) b, GDPR)

Andreas Fischbach, who can be reached at the above postal address or by e-mail

3. The purpose and legal basis for the data processing

(Art. 13 (1) c, GDPR)

3.1 Purpose of the data processing

Carrying out the processing of applications for a position, essential processing in the context of the precontract legal situation arising in connection with preparation and conclusion of a contract.

3.2 Legal basis for the data processing

The legal basis is provided by Art. 26 BDSG [Federal Data Protection Act] in combination with Art. 88 GDPR and is justified by the legal relationship arising in the application and preparation phase of the contractual employment relationship.

4. Recipients or categories of recipients

(Art. 13 (1) e, GDPR)

Your personal data will not be passed by us to third parties unless this is necessary to fulfil legal obligations. It may happen under certain circumstances that your data is passed onto external processors (e. g. personnel consultants) and persons who have undertaken to maintain strict confidentiality such as lawyers.

The data are only accessible by authorised persons within the company. This group of people has undertaken to ensure confidentiality and to comply with data protection requirements.

5. Duration of storage

(Art. 13 (2) a, GDPR)

Your data will be stored for the duration of the processing of the precontractual legal relationship or applications. In the event of non-suitability, the data will be stored beyond this until it has been established that no further legal consequences could arise which would require verification for explanation or evidence.

The storage period may extend over years as a result of lis pendens and/or limitation periods.

6. Right to information, rectification, erasure, withdrawal of consent and data portability

(Art. 13 (2) b, c, GDPR)

You have the right to request information from the controller about the personal data relating to you and to rectification, erasure or restriction of processing and the right to data portability.

If you have given us your consent to the processing of the personal data relating to you for one or more specific purposes, you may withdraw this consent at any time.

The right to withdrawal of your consent to data processing does not affect the lawfulness of the data processing before your withdrawal of consent.

Your right to erasure of the data is regularly balanced against our justified interest in the application, exercise or defence of legal claims that make the storage and retention of data necessary.

7. Right to complain

(Art. 13 (2) d, GDPR)

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority about our processing of your personal data if you feel that there has been a violation of the law.

8. Statutory and/or contractual requirement to provide the data

(Art. 13 (2) e, GDPR)

Your application cannot be processed unless you provide your personal data.

9. General information

By submitting an application, you confirm that you have read this data protection information and agree to the storage, processing and use of data as set out here.

Version: Künzelsau, 18.09.2019

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