International LNG Congress 2016

International LNG Congress 2016

Market potential

Market potential for STAHL CraneSystems

22.03.2016 Presse [ENGLISH]

The International LNG Congress 2016 held in London on 14 and 15 March brought together numerous important stakeholders from the oil and gas sector.

“The companies want to know where the LNG market is heading. STAHL CraneSystems was also present. Our aim was to gain an even better understanding of the LNG sector so that we can leverage our potential as effectively as possible,” says David Budd, Sales Manager at STAHL CraneSystems in the UK and responsible for International Projects & Offshore. Together with Marc Philipp, head of STAHL CraneSystems’ European subsidiaries and Managing Director of STAHL CraneSystems in the USA, he observed the two-day congress and presented STAHL CraneSystems’ LNG solutions in the industrial exhibition. “We had the opportunity to talk with representatives of leading companies from the sector. We also received several specific requests regarding current and planned projects, which we were very pleased about,” David Budd continues.

With its explosion-proof hoisting equipment and special-purpose solutions specifically for the LNG area, STAHL CraneSystems has for many years been a coveted partner for LNG trains and tanks worldwide. Following the LNG Congress, David Budd’s assessment is positive: “The presentations and personal discussions have given us ideas and inspiration as to how we can reach the market even better.”