Focussing on Europe

Focussing on Europe

STAHL CraneSystems introduces standards

STAHL CraneSystems introduces crane standards DIN EN 13 001 and DIN EN 15 011

06.02.2015 Presse [ENGLISH]

The key precondition for achieving a single European market is the elimination of trade barriers which may originate in for example national safety-related technical product regulations. Therefore between the establishment of the Technical Committee CEN/TC 147 “Cranes – Safety” at the end of 1988 and the commencement of European standardisation work in the crane sector, no further application for a “purely” national standards project was applied for or processed by DIN Berlin. However the road to a Europe-wide crane standard was a long one.

The groundwork has been completed
The new European crane standard DIN EN 13 001 came into force in September 2012. After publication of the German version of standard DIN EN 13 001-3-1, the world-famous German crane standard DIN 15018 was automatically withdrawn. DIN EN 15 011, the product standard for bridge and portal cranes, was published as a supplement to the new crane standard as early as May 2011.

STAHL CraneSystems was closely involved in developing the new crane standards, wanting to be able to identify their impact on its hoists and products at an early stage and see in which direction Europe would go. In spite of this, nearly two further years were needed to analyse and assess how it would affect our products, and incorporate the results in our Product Information brochures and sales systems.

At long last
The information on our hoists needed to calculate cranes in conformity with DIN EN 13 001 is available in the new Product Information brochures. STAHL CraneSystems has deliberately not removed the “old” information conforming with DIN 15018 which was previously in force, as the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC does not stipulate the use of the EN in non-European markets.

Crane building partners abroad can thus base the design of their crane systems on other standards.
STAHL CraneSystems anticipates that their sales system enables CraneKits to be configured according to DIN EN 13 001 since November 2014. In addition, the sales system supplies all necessary factors and loads to assist crane building partners in their future work.

STAHL CraneSystems has trained sales staff and support departments to familiarise them with the new standards. These experts can thus continue to offer you expert assistance with enquiries for customised solutions in the future.