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Ice-breaker days for trainees at STAHL CraneSystems

Ice-breaker days for trainees at STAHL CraneSystems

12.09.2017 Presse [ENGLISH]

The traditional ice-breaker days were organised for the newly recruited apprentices and students at STAHL CraneSystems from 4 to 6 September 2017. The company feels that a positive atmosphere and trust within the group of young people is important, and so each year, the new arrivals spend three days camping together in the open. They set up camp in nearby Kocherstetten, solve tasks together, eat together and get to know each other through games before working life starts in earnest.

Seven apprentices and one student were at the STAHL CraneSystems ice-breaker days in Kocher­stetten this year. The group reached the designated spot, where the tents had to be set up, in glorious sunshine. The first major challenge: The young people had to pair up and, tied to each other at the wrist, build a bridge over the River Kocher. Coordinating with each other and working closely together were intended to prepare the young people for working at the Künzelsau plant. In the small departments at STAHL CraneSystems, personal, close cooperation between colleagues is very important. Helpfulness and a sense of family characterise the teams in which the apprentices and students will be working later.

The legendary STAHLolympics also demonstrated that there’s a place for competitiveness at a global corporation such as STAHL CraneSystems. In these, apprentices and students competed against each other in a total of eight disciplines. STAHL CraneSystems is one of the world market leaders for explosion-proof crane technology and special hoists and is involved in many international projects on the basis of one of the most extensive product portfolios in the world. Drive, perseverance and a competitive spirit have always characterised this traditional company.

The apprentices and students also got to know the community of STAHLites beyond their own group: All the second-year apprentices organised a forest rally for them, with 12 stations. With a combination of skill and determination, all the participants reached the destination, where a pizza truck was waiting for them in the evening. These skills will also be of benefit to young people in their professional careers at STAHL CraneSystems. The company in Hohenlohe is famous for its inventiveness and engineering skills, especially in the production of customised special solutions. The technical developments at STAHL CraneSystems are highly respected throughout the world. In order to live up to this reputation, the factory in Künzelsau makes every component itself, from gears through cable drums and controls to the tiniest toothed wheel. All the products are therefore characterised by high quality and durability.

The 2017 ice-breaker days ended for the new apprentices and students at STAHL CraneSystems with shared dismantling of the tents and their journey home. In the future, they will continue to have the opportunity, on excursions, rafting trips or visits to musicals, to get to know each other better outside working life and to make new friends. The first steps along their career path have now been successfully taken. STAHL CraneSystems would like to wish its young employees every success and the best of luck for the next steps too.


This year’s apprentices in their STAHL CraneSystems polo shirts at the information evening in July.
The first task at the STAHL CraneSystems ice-breaker days: Building a bridge over the Kocher together.
Growing together as a new little team: The apprentices at the STAHL CraneSystems ice-breaker days.
Games based on trust also strengthen cohesion between the apprentices and students.
A whole series of young people completing their apprenticeships and studies at STAHL CraneSystems.