Off-standard hoist for Russia

Off-standard hoist

135 t winch, wire rope hoists and cross beam

135 t winch, 3 wire rope hoists and 12 m cross beam

03.08.2009 Presse [ENGLISH]

The team in Ettlingen has in recent weeks demonstrated once again that STAHL CraneSystems is a specialist for unusual crane technology solutions. The experts in South-West Germany developed an off-standard solution weighing 25 tonnes, equipped with a 135 t winch as main hoist and three auxiliary hoists, for the Russian crane manufacturer URAL-STAHL. The customer wished to transport both particularly heavy parts and long steel beams with a single off-standard hoist. This off-standard solution was produced from field-proven standard components:

A 20 t auxiliary hoist which enables lighter loads to be transported at speed is situated parallel to the centrally positioned heavy duty winch. In order to be able to lift the long steel beams safely, the hoist is equipped with a raised off-standard cross-beam 12 m long, at the ends of which two further 10 t auxiliary hoists are mounted, at an angle of 90°. The two hoists have been prepared for the customer’s tandem operation. However in extreme cases, the auxiliary hoists mounted on the beam could cause the crab to tilt, so that they are automatically disconnected if the loads differ by more than 4,000 kg.

After several weeks spent planning, manufacturing and assembling, the exciting moment arrives: is everything connected correctly? Does the control work? Relief spreads through the team when all the tests have been completed successfully. The off-standard solution cannot be transported in one piece due to its weight and size. Now the team begins to dismantle the hoist. The lorries from Russia have arrived a day earlier than was planned. However then everything happens very quickly and the new off-standard hoist leaves the factory on time. That’s a good thing, as the next off-standard solution is already waiting.


Main hoist, winch 135 t. Auxiliary hoist, wire rope hoist 20 t. Auxiliary hoist, 2 wire rope hoists 10 t. (tandem operation)
Auxiliary hoist mounted at rear for fast lifting of lighter loads.
Connecting bolts enable auxiliary hoists to be mounted simply.
Floating off-standard endcarriage distributes weight more efficiently and offsets uneven crane runway.