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Get an early start!

Educational partnership

STAHL CraneSystems is entering an educational partnership with the Georg Fahrbach School

11.05.2018 Presse

It isn’t easy deciding on a future career after school. After passing their final school exams, many young people want to start training, but have no idea of what professions and career opportunities are open to them. The spectrum of training careers is constantly evolving and expanding. But so too are the requirements that companies, as future employers, lay down for school-leavers. Personnel and training managers cannot gauge which qualifications and levels of knowledge will be provided and what they can expect of the school-leavers. STAHL CraneSystems and the Georg Fahrbach School would like to overcome the information gap between training managers and school-leavers. On 27 April 2018, both parties signed an educational partnership agreement which will benefit the school, the school-leavers and the company.

The motto of the Georg Fahrbach School in Ingelfingen is “Fit for Life”. With this in mind, pupils at the integrated school are provided with theoretical knowledge and also given the chance to prepare for life after school in practical terms. Since their later career is an important part of this, the school values cooperations with local companies very highly. STAHL CraneSystems has been an official part of this network since 27 April 2018.The secondary level choir of the Georg Fahrbach School conducted by Susanne Heuer and Fernanda Nonnenmacher ceremonially welcomed the representatives of STAHL CraneSystems and the Ingelfingen administrative authority in the Heinrich Ehrmann Hall of the integrated school. Head teacher Dirk Rüger warmly welcomed the guests and explained the special features of the integrated school system.

Mayor Michael Bauer provided information about the new construction of the school, which is funded by the public authorities. On behalf of STAHL CraneSystems, training manager Natalie Müller introduced the company and showed a short film about the work of the Künzelsau-based hoisting equipment manufacturer. After the formal signing of the contract, Natalie Müller presented attendance certificates to eight pupils from the first work experience group in the STAHL CraneSystems plant. The pupils had built a Love Tester during their industrial placement in the 2017/2018 academic year. With this little toy for friends or couples, the two players touch a contact with one finger and give each other their free hand. Depending on conductivity, the Love Tester displays the strength of the connection visually with coloured LEDs and audibly with a piezo buzzer.

Future plans at STAHL CraneSystems for interested pupils include the production of an active loudspeaker, a playful rally through the company with the building of an LED smiley and regular places at the Girls’ Day and “Mitmachen Ehrensache” events. The ceremony ended with a friendly get-together and a tour of the school.The new educational agreement between STAHL CraneSystems and the Georg Fahrbach School is another important contribution to bringing the principles of the integrated school to life.


Ceremonial welcome for the representatives of STAHL CraneSystems and the Ingelfingen administrative authority by the secondary level choir
Personnel manager Natalie Müller presents STAHL CraneSystems
Official signing of the new cooperation agreement, which will benefit both the integrated school and the company
There has been an educational partnership between STAHL CraneSystems and the Georg Fahrbach School since 27 April 2018
There was plenty of time to chat after the formalities