Patrick Landes an seinem Arbeitsplatz bei STAHL CraneSystems in Künzelsau

Patrick Landes

Patrick Landes  – Industrial mechanic, operating technology

Industrial mechanic for operating technology at STAHL CraneSystems

Patrick Landes began his apprenticeship as industrial mechanic for operating technology at STAHL CraneSystems in 1999. For seven years he worked in various departments at the plant in Künzelsau. He spent one year working for STAHL CraneSystems abroad: at our subsidiary in Great Britain. Since 2010, the qualified industrial mechanic has been working in after-sales.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship at STAHL CraneSystems?
The reputation of STAHL CraneSystems as a place to do an apprenticeship has always been very good. I therefore chose this company when I wanted to start training as an industrial mechanic for operating technology back in 1999.

How would you describe the work atmosphere at STAHL CraneSystems overall?
Although it is a company that operates worldwide and has a workforce of about 650, the work atmosphere at STAHL CraneSystems is very informal and down-to-earth. You feel well here.

What different departments did you get to know during your training?
I got to know almost every department in our company. That ranged from the measuring lab and chain and wire rope hoist assembly shop through to the metalworking shop, maintenance, drilling shop and tool store.

How did you like the times at vocational college?
School didn´t interest me all that much. I preferred to work in the plant. But what I found interesting about school was to talk with apprentices from other companies and find out what work they did.

What happened after your apprenticeship at STAHL CraneSystems?
After finishing my apprenticeship as industrial mechanic, I spent one year working in the chain hoist assembly shop. In 2004 I was then given the opportunity to work in Great Britain and get to know the STAHL CraneSystems subsidiary in Coleshill, near Birmingham. There I also worked in assembly. After returning to Künzelsau, I continued to work in assembly until I changed to the training centre for three years in 2007. I have now been working in after-sales at STAHL CraneSystems since 2010.

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