Lisa Rau an ihrem Arbeitsplatz bei STAHL CraneSystems in Künzelsau

Lisa Rau

Lisa Rau – Engineering draughtsman

Engineering draughtsman at STAHL CraneSystems

Lisa Rau’s career at STAHL CraneSystems began with an apprenticeship as engineering draughtsman. The 25-year-old finished her apprenticeship in 2012 and has remained true to the company since then. She now works as mechanical engineering technician in our Product Development department.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship at STAHL CraneSystems?
I had a holiday job at STAHL CraneSystems, which gave me a good idea of the company, its products and also of its staff. As I really enjoyed this holiday job, I decided to apply for an apprenticeship at STAHL CraneSystems.

How would you describe the work atmosphere at STAHL CraneSystems overall?
It is a very good atmosphere and a wonderful place to work at. Everyone helps each other and tries to solve problems together.

What were the focal points of your apprenticeship?
The focus of my apprenticeship as engineering draughtsman naturally lay on drawing. In the first year we were first taught the basics on the drawing board. That might sound old-fashioned, but it was very useful. Later, then, most of course was done with the help of CAD programs.

What different departments did you get to know during your training?
I passed through various departments during my apprenticeship, for example Design, Development and Manufacturing. We were also given the opportunity to go abroad. This chance I did not let go me by and spent some time in Dubai with two other apprentices. There we worked with local staff on a joint project. Apart from the many new experiences that we made, there was also time for recreation, where our colleagues in Dubai took us on many outings.

What happened after your apprenticeship at STAHL CraneSystems?
I was employed immediately as engineering draughtsman in the Product Development department. On the side, I finished a course to qualify as mechanical engineering technician and am now able to continue working in this department as technician.

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