Frank Pfeiffer an seinem Arbeitsplatz bei STAHL CraneSystems in Künzelsau

Frank Pfeiffer

Frank Pfeiffer – Master industrial artisan, metalworking

Master industrial artisan in metalworking at STAHL CraneSystems

Frank Pfeiffer works at STAHL CraneSystems as training seminar engineer. As such, he gives courses in engineering around the world. Sounds interesting? The 39-year-old master industrial artisan in metalworking started his career with an apprenticeship in our Künzelsau plant. That was almost 20 years ago.

Can you still remember your job interview at STAHL CraneSystems?
What was your first impression of the company?

It did not take long before I received a reply to my application and I immediately had a very good impression of the company during my job interview. We have very many pleasant and helpful colleagues here.

How would you describe the work atmosphere at STAHL CraneSystems overall?
The work atmosphere is very pleasant. If a department needs help, everyone does their bit. And if the problem cannot be solved in the department, other departments are more than willing to help out. I very much appreciate the staff and feeling of community at STAHL CraneSystems.

What different stations/departments did you get to know during your training?
I had the opportunity to get to know every department at various locations. In Künzelsau, Gaisbach and Hofratsmühle. I was always welcomed everywhere.

Was there always someone you could go to in case of problems?
Yes, in every department there was someone I could go to when I had questions or problems. The teams were also always very friendly.

What happened after your apprenticeship at STAHL CraneSystems?
When I finished my apprenticeship as industrial mechanic I first worked in wire rope hoist assembly. Later I got to know various other departments and helped out wherever needed. As a result, I got to know very many different fields of work. Later I became Head of Receiving, Storage and Internal Transport. Since 2011, I have been giving courses in engineering at home and abroad.

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