Dominik Langner an seinem Arbeitsplatz bei STAHL CraneSystems in Künzelsau

Dominik Langner

Dominik Langner – Electronics technician, operating technology

Electronics technician for operating technology at STAHL CraneSystems

Dominik Langner is 26 years old and finished his apprenticeship as electronics technician for operating technology at STAHL CraneSystems in 2017. Directly after his apprenticeship he was taken over on a permanent contract in his vocation and has since then worked as skilled technician in the “Trials” department.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship at STAHL CraneSystems?
I did not want to do my apprenticeship in a company in which you get lost in the crowd and are just “a number”. But it was also important to me that the company was big enough to offer possibilities and prospects of promotion later on. And since I come from the Hohenlohe region, I quickly opted for STAHL CraneSystems. And on top of all that was also of course the fact that the company intended to take us apprentices over on permanent contracts afterwards.

Can you still remember your job interview at STAHL CraneSystems?
What was your first impression of the company?

Of course I was nervous before the interview with my future employer. But that quickly disappeared because we met in a small group and the atmosphere was very relaxed. My first impression was surprisingly positive because the company reflected everything I was looking for. All the employees we met on the tour of the company were more or less on first-name terms with each other and the spirit in the individual teams was good. On top of that, the size of the company was exactly what I was looking for.

What were the focal points of your apprenticeship?
The apprenticeship naturally focussed on training in electronics. Since I soon realised that I wanted to work in the “Trials” department, I was deployed there quite often towards the end of my apprenticeship to gain experience.

How were you accepted in the individual teams?
Was there always someone you could go to in case of problems?

Since there are often apprentices in the departments, almost all have a training officer. They looked after me. But it was also possible for me to ask colleagues for advice.

How did you like the times at vocational college?
I have never been very fond of school, which is why I preferred to work in the company than go to school. But at the vocational school in Öhringen I was lucky to have good teachers on the whole, who made their lessons interesting.

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