Student beim praktischen Arbeit am Schaltschrank im STAHL CraneSystems Werk in Künzelsau

Cooperative degree course as Bachelor of Science (HS) m|f|o in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Science (HS) m|f|o in Electrical Engineering

Theory and practice in cooperative study scheme

Do you ideally want to study but also gain practical experience at the same time? At STAHL CraneSystems in Künzelsau you can combine both! The cooperative study scheme combines training as an Electronics Technician for Equipment and Systems (IHK – Chamber of Commerce and Industry) with a standard bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, which means you don’t need to choose between vocational training and a university degree.

You will start off by training for a job in practice and then you’ll additionally build your theoretical knowledge in a study programme at the Reinhold Würth University Heilbronn on the campus in Künzelsau. During the semester breaks, you will directly apply this theory to practice on the job. In return, we will pay you an attractive salary, including during the study periods. Thanks to the intertwining of these two educational stages, you will acquire a dual qualification within a shortened period of less than five years. You will then be perfectly qualified and prepared, from both a theoretical and a practical perspective, for working life as an engineer.

Bachelor of Science (HS) m|f|o Electrical Engineering at STAHL CraneSystems
As a future Bachelor of Science (HS) in Electrical Engineering, you will deal with engineering tasks at STAHL CraneSystems. Your activity will be particularly associated with the development and manufacture, sale and operation of electrotechnical goods, products and systems. You will be deployed primarily in the development, projection, planning, quality and technical sales departments.

The most important information about the cooperative degree course:
  • Cooperative study with the Reinhold Würth University Heilbronn, Künzelsau campus, and STAHL CraneSystems. In this, your academic study will be combined with regular periods of practical work in the company.
  • Combination of university course and industrial training. In addition to your Bachelor’s degree, you will acquire a trade proficiency certificate.
  • Financial support until completion of studies
  • The 4.5 year cooperative relationship is divided into 1.5 years of training to be an electronics technician in the dual system and 3 years of study at the Künzelsau campus of the Reinhold Würth University Heilbronn.
This is what we need from you:
  • Qualification for degree-level education with an average mark of at least 2.5
  • Interest in working with technical equipment
  • Interest in data processing
  • Energy, commitment, team spirit and ambition
This is what we also offer:
  • Payment according to IGMetall collective wage agreement
  • Extra travel expenses for travelling to university
  • Money for books
  • Participation in pension module
  • Contributions to employee pension capital formation
  • Bonuses if you do well

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