The best form of advertising – satisfied customers

The best form of advertising –

satisfied customers

The Indian partner of STAHL CraneSystems, MM Engineers, supplies 43 cranes to Volvo CE

26.10.2012 Sección de prensa [ENGLISH]

Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of articulated joint dump trucks, wheeled loaders and excavators. Their production plants are situated in Sweden, Germany and another seven countries located around the world. The Indian plant in Bangalore was recently updated for around 16 million Euros and was extended by a new excavator production line. In this way Volvo can reduce delivery times in India and respond promptly to the requirements of its customers in the region. The Indian market for construction equipment is healthy – in 2011 the demand for excavators rose by around 30 %. This made it a good time for Volvo CE to inaugurate its new excavator production line in Bangalore.

The major order for a total of 43 cranes was placed with STAHL CraneSystems’ Indian partner MM Engineers in Coimbatore. STAHL CraneSystems supplied the hoists and crane components from Germany. The contact between Volvo CE and MM Engineers began in 2007. Volvo project managers had inspected cranes built by MM Engineers using crane components from STAHL CraneSystems in various factories in Bangalore. The reputation enjoyed by these cranes had a favourable influence on the meeting which Volvo requested from the MM Engineers team a short time later. “The cranes previously used in the Volvo plant belonged to an earlier generation as regards design and performance,” is how Anand Dayanidhi, Country Head of the STAHL CraneSystems’ Indian subsidiary, describes the starting situation. “Volvo CE was now looking for reliable equipment requiring little or no maintenance. The relationship between Volvo CE, MM Engineers and STAHL CraneSystems began to flourish at this point.”
However MM Engineers still had to win through against other suppliers of Volvo CE. The praise expressed by other customers in Bangalore and the impressions Volvo CE gained during the visit to the crane production plant in Coimbatore finally prevailed.

In 2008 Volvo ordered the first eight cranes, including some sophisticated semiportal and bracket cranes. As the manufacturer of the paint-spray line, Eisenmann AG from Germany, needed hoists for this sector, Volvo insisted on using STAHL CraneSystems products here too. Eisenmann ordered four SH 50 wire rope hoists. The project entered its crucial phase in 2011 with a number of further orders. In total, MM Engineers supplied 43 cranes with different lifting capacities and in different designs, including overhead travelling cranes, bracket and slewing cranes, monorails and semiportals – fully equipped with hoists and crane components from STAHL CraneSystems. The project was supervised, coordinated and brought to a successful conclusion by STAHL CraneSystems’ German Support Manager in India, Klaus Wagner. Anand Dayanidhi is pleased with the success of the project: “Volvo CE is now another satisfied customer here in India. Our successful collaboration is to continue in the near future with orders for the bus production plant.”

MM Engineers Pvt. Ltd is a reputable crane builder in Coimbatore, one of the busiest industrial cities in Southern India. The company has been collaborating with STAHL CraneSystems since 2000. Around 300 cranes “powered by STAHL CraneSystems” have been built in the up-to-date crane production. The percentage of regular customers is remarkably high at 90 %. MM Engineers see the reason for this on the one hand in the outstanding care and quality with which the cranes are built, on the other hand in their high degree of reliability thanks to crane technology from STAHL CraneSystems.

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In demand in India too: construction equipment from Volvo CE. Cranes from Indian crane builder MM Engineers – equipped with STAHL CraneSystems crane technology – assist Volvo CE in building excavators in the Bangalore production plant.
The major order for Volvo CE in India comprised a total of 43 cranes "powered by STAHL CraneSystems".
Lifting at three levels: here semi-portal cranes, bridge cranes and bracket cranes work in parallel.