This section contains our current terms and conditions of contract and business for orders, deliveries, installation and services. They are available in German and English. Our general terms and conditions of sale are also available in other languages.

Please note that the printed versions can differ from the latest PDF files. All information material available as PDF files is always up to date. Only the versions currently available are therefore shown.

Download terms and conditions of headquarters

Headquarters, Germany
4 pages – 01.2006

Terms and Conditions of Order and Purchase

Headquarters, Germany

4 pages – 01.2006

Headquarters, Germany
8 pages – 01.2020

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Headquarters, Germany

8 pages – 01.2020

Headquarters, Germany
4 pages – 09.2011

Terms and Conditions of Installation

Headquarters, Germany

4 pages – 09.2011

Headquarters, Germany
6 pages – 09.2011

Terms and Conditions of Service Work

Headquarters, Germany

6 pages – 09.2011

Download terms and conditions of subsidiaries

French subsidiary
2 pages – 09.2015

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

French subsidiary

2 pages – 09.2015


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