One-page flyers and posters sized 80 x 60 cm show the hoists in a cutaway drawing so that concealed parts can be seen. The labelling of the cutaway views is German, English and French as well as English and Chinese.
You can also download a poster illustrating the most important explosion protection standards. The explosion protection poster is available in German, English, French and Spanish.

We will gladly send you the printed posters and cutaway views by post. Simply write a short e-mail to the Marketing Department.
Please note that the printed versions can differ from the latest PDF files. All information material available as PDF files is always up to date. Only the versions currently available are therefore shown.

Download cutaway views

Download posters

The chain hoist ST 05

80 x 60 cm


The wire rope hoist SH

80 x 60 cm


The wire rope hoist AS 7

80 x 60 cm



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