Working loads up to 32 tons

Safe, compact, reliable and low-maintenance: with the SH 6080, the advantages of the SH wire rope hoist programme are now also available for safe working loads up to 32,000 kg. Thanks to the proven module system of the SH programme, the strong all-rounder can be adapted to a wide variety of requirements.

The largely maintenance-free components of the SH range lend the SH 6080 wire rope hoist a high classification in accordance with FEM/ISO standards. The basic version of the SH 6080 wire rope hoist is classified according to ISO M4. For higher speeds, the SH 6080 is available with classification according to ISO M3. For more frequent use at a lower workload, the SH 6080 is available in a higher classification group in each case.

The module system means the SH 6080 wire rope hoist can be adapted to individual customer requirements: for example, all wire rope hoists are available with a lifting height of 6 to 30 metres, and track gauges of 1,400 to 4,000 mm are possible for double-rail crabs. For environments with gases and vapours, the SH 6080 wire rope hoist comes in an explosion-proof version for Zone 2. The strict ATEX directives and IECEx regulations for mechanical and electrical explosion protection are naturally fulfilled. Safety components such as gear-type limit switches, temperature monitoring of the motors and overload safety devices increase work safety.

  • Largely maintenance-free, low wear, long service life according to FEM/ISO standards
  • Lifting heights from 6 to 30 metres available
  • Overhead trolleys available in track gauges from 1,400 to 4,000 mm
  • High-quality safety components as standard for improved work safety
  • Optionally available in explosion-proof design for Zone 2 according to ATEX and IECEx


  • Diagram of the SH wire rope hoist and its technical assembly.

    The SH wire rope hoist programme boasts superior technology. The largely maintenance-free components of the modular wire rope hoist are matched to each other optimally. They guarantee constant performance, long service life and high efficiency.

  • Close-up of the rope guide ring on a rope drum with rope.

    Rope and rope guide

    • Highly flexible special rope with long service life
    • Field-proven enclosed rope guide in spheroidal graphite cast iron has no temperature limitations
    • The GJS material (previously designated GGG 40) is suitable for highest and lowest temperature ranges
    • 360° rope tensioner, avoiding the formation of slack rope
  • Parts of an SH wire rope hoist painted green, black and yellow


    • Standard paint treatment as per RAL 6018 yellow-green and RAL 7021 greyish black
    • High-quality primer and top coats for standard applications
    • Off-standard paint treatment for outdoor use or corrosive ambient conditions
    • Shade as per customer’s requirement
  • The load sensor is located at the suspension point of the load rope

    Overload cut-off

    • Permanent electronic monitoring of the suspended loads
    • Limitation of the maximum load by load measurement at the rope anchorage possible in the case of multiple reeving
  • Close-up of the toothed wheels in the gear of the SH wire rope hoist

    Hoist gear

    • All gear steps with lifetime lubrication in oil bath
    • „Minimal noise development thanks to modern technology
  • Open SH wire rope hoist switch box shows the controls and motor management components

    SLE/SMC control and motor management

    • Condition monitoring as standard
    • Inching operation is suppressed thus reducing stress
    • All common control voltages available
    • High degree of safety thanks to overdimensioned contactors
    • Monitoring of the temperature of the hoist motor and travel motor
  • Brake with fan wheel on the hoist motor of an SH wire rope hoist.


    • Low-maintenance asbestos-free brake; needs no adjustment
    • Long service life thanks to generously dimensioned brake
    • Brake easily accessible for inspection from outside
    • Motor management ensures low wear
    • IP 65 protection
  • Hoist motor of the SH wire rope hoist


    • Special-purpose motor for hoisting applications
    • ISO classification according to FEM/ISO standards, high duty cycle and switching operation frequency
    • IP 55 protection, thermal class F
    • Motor outside rope drum, highly efficient motor cooling, maintenance-friendly
    • Temperature control by ptc thermistors
  • Yellow hook block with rope drive

    Rope drive

    • Optimised ratio of drum to sheave diameter ensures low wear on rope
    • Flexible and long-lived wire rope
    • Wear-resistant return sheaves, fine machining provides rope-friendly grooves in rope drum
    • Drum easily accessible for rope replacement
    • Robust bottom hook block with low headroom in spite of large dimensioning of hook

Options and features

Although they are already first-class in their standard design, you can make the hoists even safer, more economical and more convenient with a range of mechanical, electrical and electronic options. They simultaneously improve performance, prolong service life and make it possible to adapt the hoist individually to specific requirements.

Here are some of the options frequently used.

  • Red control pendant with EMERGENCY STOP pushbutton.

    Control pendants

    • Robust control pendant with EMERGENCY STOP palm button and control cable
    • All switching elements for hoist, cross and long travel are 2-step.
    • IP 65 protection
    • Additional buttons, for example to activate a horn, can easily be fitted.
    • Optional load display. All data displayed can be read out on a notebook with the aid of the SMC Multicontroller.
  • Radio remote control units

    • Flex-Wave pushbutton unit with protective cover and carry strap
    • VUE pushbutton units with feedback display
    • MLTX2 joystick transmitter with controller and carry strap
    • Optional battery chargers with standard rechargeable batteries
    • Robust, fibre-reinforced plastic housing, IP66 protection
    • Frequency ranges 433, 863 or 2,400 kHz
    • Also available in explosion-proof version
    • Other radio remote control units optionally available on request
  • Gear-type limit switch in control box

    Emergency hoist limit switch (gear limit switch)

    • In standard version, the hoist is equipped with a gear limit switch for top and bottom hook position and an operational limit switch for top hook position.
    • As an option, up to eight switching elements can be fitted to the switch. This permits for example further stopping positions and operational limiting in bottom hook position.
  • SMC multi-controller for permanent load monitoring

    SMC Multicontroller

    • Continuous load monitoring by overload cut-off even if hoist is at a standstill
    • Overload protection with ALC automatic load control
    • Load spectrum memory for load-related operating time summation
    • Monitoring of the motor temperature of the hoist motor and travel motor
    • Operating data registration, e.g. operating hours, load spectrum, motor switching operations and load cycles
    • Data exchange with PC possible
  • Travel limit switch for mounting on a crab.

    Travel limit switch

    • Travel limit switches on trolley/crab for cross travel, optional
    • Limiting for both directions of travel
    • Switchover from “fast/slow” (predisconnect)
    • Switch contacts designed for control current
    • IP 66 protection
  • Large-format load indicator with luminous red digits.

    Load display

    • SLD four-digit 7-segment load display (STAHL Load Display), large format, luminous red
    • Available with various interfaces including CAN
    • Choice of 60, 100 or 150 mm digit height
    • Integrates with the hoist overload sensor and optional SMC controller without the need to add inline or below-the-hook devices while maintaining hoist headroom dimensions
  • Various visual signallers.

    Signal transmitters

    • Visual and acoustic signal transmitters such as horn and flashing light can be mounted on travel carriages.
    • The signal transmitters can be activated by a button on the control pendant.
  • Manual venting of the hoist brake of an SH wire rope hoist from STAHL CraneSystems.

    Manual release of hoist brake

    • The brake release device permits the hoist brake to be released manually and thus the load to be lowered during a power cut.
    • As an option, every hoist can be equipped with this supplementary equipment to the standard brake.
  • Frequency inverters

    Frequency inverters for “lifting” and “travelling”

    • Smooth starting and braking characteristics
    • Load swing greatly reduced
    • Fast, precise positioning of the load, corrective switching operations rarely necessary
    • The reduced dynamic load means longer service life for all components
    • Worldwide approvals for all frequency inverters



The SH wire rope hoist

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The wire rope hoist SH

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