STAHL CraneSystems: the CraneKit in a box


CraneKits specially for crane builders

CraneKits offer crane builders around the world the possibility to execute orders economically with manageable planning costs. Customer service, planning, construction of the system as well as service and the provision of spare parts are carried out by competent local crane builders. The intuitive, structured planning software with continuously updated database enables easy configuration of the crane system.
STAHL CraneSystems manufactures the hoists, components and other equipment to a high standard of quality and tests the modules for hoisting, travel and control technology exhaustively. The CraneKit is pre-assembled and delivered with all necessary documentation and assembly instructions.

If wanted, the components of the CraneKit are also available in explosion-proof design for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 or Zone 22.

  • For suspension cranes, single girder and double girder overhead travelling cranes
  • Easy planning and ordering with the help of the CraneGuide software
  • Intuitive, structured software
  • Up-to-date database
  • Plug and play: pre-assembled cables as far as technically possible
  • All connections are labelled clearly
  • Optional support by engineering team or factory service centre
  • Optionally available in explosion-proof design according to ATEX or IECEx

Sales Manager (SMP) Configuration Tool

With SalesManager (SMP), we provide our customers with a comprehensive and powerful configuration tool. In addition to configuring individual crane components, such as wire rope hoists, chain hoists, overhead carriers, travel drives, etc., it can also be used to conveniently design entire crane systems and crane kits according to your individual requirements. The tool also provides you with comprehensive technical data and current prices, taking into account your individual requirements. You can also instantly generate and download quotation documents, technical data sheets and drawings in all common 2D and 3D formats.

For more information, please contact your sales representative.

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  • Diagram of hoisting, travel and control modules

    The CraneKit consists of modules for hoisting, travel and control.

  • A truck-mounted crane lifts the crane system into the hall ceiling for installation.

    The finished crane is installed at the end customer’s with the help of a heavy-duty truck-mounted crane.

  • SH wire rope hoist on crane girder

    The CraneKit is assembled, connected, approved by DEKRA and thus ready for operation within a few hours.

  • Two employees inspect the newly delivered CraneKit.

    Every CraneKit comes with detailed assembly instructions for quick and easy assembly.

  • An employee assembles a festoon cable.

    The CraneKit enables simple assembly of the festoon cables. The cable trolleys are pre-assembled and merely need to be pulled into their guides.

The CraneKit is not just a box with components. STAHL CraneSystems accompanies and supports the local crane builder as necessary. The crane builder can make use of the help throughout the project. That is unmistakeably STAHL CraneSystems.

  • Two little comic men shake hands

    The crane builder on the ground advises and sells.

    STAHL CraneSystems supports him with seminars, advertising and brand management.

  • A little comic man holds a construction plan and ruler in the hands. A light bulb is shown symbolically next to his head.

    The local crane builder plans and designs.

    STAHL CraneSystems supports him in planning demanding projects with a professional project team. The engineering team provides support in all questions concerning explosion protection.

  • A little comic man welds on a crane girder

    The crane builder on the ground produces the crane system.

    STAHL CraneSystems delivers the matching CraneKit, also in explosion-proof design, with corresponding documentation.

  • A little comic man in work clothes holds a drill and spanner in the hands.

    The crane builder on the ground erects and repairs.

    STAHL CraneSystems supports him with its own factory service centre and workshops.

More information

The ST chain hoist from STAHL CraneSystems is particularly robust and easy to maintain. It comes with push or electric trolley and is available both as standard hoist or as custom hoist.

Chain hoists

The largest range of chain hoists in the world for safe working loads up to 6,300 kg. Compact and easy to maintain.

 Chain hoists

The SH wire rope hoist from STAHL CraneSystems is one of the best hoists in the world. Field-proven thousands of times, equipped for every application, low-maintenance and with a tremendously long service life. Perfect crane technology from Germany.

Wire rope hoists

Reliable technology for demanding tasks. Individually combined for small cranes and large systems.

 Wire rope hoists

Premium-class technology: STAHL CraneSystems not only supplies hoists, but also sophisticated crane components such as crane endcarriages, wheel blocks, crane controllers, frequency inverters and condition monitoring systems.

Crane components

Crane electrics, endcarriages, wheel blocks and travel drives – high-quality and economical premium-class technology.

 Crane components

Bridge crane or suspension crane, custom solution or explosion protection – with hoists and crane components from STAHL CraneSystems, crane-building experts around the world build technically sophisticated crane systems.

Crane/Systems building

Sophisticated technology for standard, custom and explosion-proof cranes and systems building.

 Crane/Systems building

AS 7 Ex wire rope hoist

Explosion-proof products

The complete product range is a­vail­­able in explosion-proof design according to ATEX and IECEx.

 Explosion-proof products