LNG slewing jib crane with wire rope hoist

Slewing jib crane

Functional and economical –
column and wall slewing cranes

Customised and immediately ready for use: slewing cranes with components from STAHL CraneSystems are the economical solution in yacht harbours, manual workplaces, chemical plants and production lines. With lifting capacities of 63 kg to 10,000 kg, they are used with push or electric trolleys with chain or wire rope hoists. Higher safe working loads and custom solutions are naturally possible for specific applications.

Competent local partners, many of whom are certified, plan, produce and install slewing cranes with high-quality technology from STAHL CraneSystems. You can find the right contact on our contacts page.

  • Versatile
  • Can be individually configured
  • Many S.W.L. variants from 63 kg to 10,000 kg
  • Explosion-proof versions or off-standard solutions through engineering
  • Worldwide network of certified partners, crane manufacturers and system builders
  • Slewing cranes with redundant and explosion-proof LNG wire rope hoists.

    Redundant explosion-proof LNG wire rope hoists. With hard chrome-plated special rope drums and 4 contacts as limit switches instead of the standard switch at the rope guide.

  • Slewing cranes in series production in India

    The two-fold collapsible slewing cranes with manual hydraulic height adjustment are used in the gondola of wind parks.

  • There is a slewing crane on top of every liquefied gas tank in the port of Rotterdam.

    Attached to a slewing crane, LNG wire rope hoists are used for servicing of liquefied gas pumps.

  • A slewing crane lifts a ship out of the water.

    With a headroom of 11 metres and a lifting height of 40 metres, the slewing crane is able to lift and lower the boats even at low tide.

More information

Double girder overhead travelling cranes at a large plant in the Arabian region.

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Single girder suspension crane with SH wire rope hoist fastened to the ceiling of a hall.

Single girder suspension crane

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