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Explosion-proof components

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Explosion-proof crane components including their options rank among the safest technology available on the market for the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, the food processing industry as well as the power supply, shipbuilding, offshore and natural gas liquefaction (LNG) industries.

The components – from motor and brake to controls and control pendant – come from our own production with certified quality assurance systems. This ensures complete, high-quality explosion protection. The strict ATEX directives and IECEx regulations for mechanical and electrical explosion protection are naturally fulfilled.

  • International specialist for explosion-proof hoisting and crane technology
  • One of the most extensive product portfolios for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 worldwide
  • All hoisting and crane technology as well as additional equipment available in explosion-proof design
  • Design and maintenance to ATEX or IECEx in certified quality
  • Wheels of brass


    The type of protection of all wheels is constructional safety ›c‹. If travel speeds are high, this also includes brass wheels.

  • Rope guide/chain guide

    Rope guide/chain guide

    The wear-resistant rope guide in nodular graphite casting GJS (previously designated GGG) is extremely durable and not subject to temperature limitations. The same applies to the chain guide, type of protection used: constructional safety ›c‹.

  • Gear


    The types of protection of the gear are constructional safety ›c‹ and liquid immersion ›k‹. The protective liquid (oil) prevents sparks.

  • Equipotential bonding to avoid incendive sparks

    Equipotential bonding

    Equipotential bonding is essential for avoiding incendive sparks when installing crane technology in potentially explosive atmospheres.

  • Overload cut-off

    Overload cut-off

    The overload cut-off operates with a dual channel load sensor supplying analog signals. Various sensors are used depending on reeving (LCD, LSD).

  • Extract of an explosion-proof panel box.

    Panel box

    The type of protection for panel boxes for Zone 1, 2 and 21 on cranes and hoists combines types of protection flameproof enclosure ›d‹, increased safety ›e‹ and protection by housing ›tD‹.

  • Explosion-proof cable entry.

    Cable entry

    Indirect cable entry, very high safety level from type of protection increased safety ›e‹ and flameproof enclosure ›d‹. Connection of the Ex e connection box to Ex d by post-type bushing.

  • Explosion-proof motor


    Motors for Zone 1 and 21 are made of grey cast iron, the type of protection combines flameproof enclosure ›d‹, increased safety ›e‹ and protection by housing ›tD‹. For Zone 2 the motors are made of aluminium and in type of protection non-sparking equipment ›nA‹. For Zone 22 the motors are manufactured in IP 66 and protection by housing ›tD‹.

  • Two explosion-proof control pendants.

    Control pendants

    The SWH 5 Ex control pendants are designed specifically to control hoists and cranes in potentially explosive environments. The two-stage SWH Ex control pendant with IP 66 protection is used for explosion-proof wire rope hoists for Zone 1. 

  • Explosion-proof gear limit switch.

    Gear limit switch

    The protection class of the gear limit switch is IP 66. The elements installed are protected by flameproof enclosure ›d‹, the housing by increased safety ›e‹.

  • Bronzed hook block

    Bottom hook block

    The type of protection employed is constructional safety ›c‹, no aluminium is used. If travel speeds are high, individual parts, such as the load hook, are bronze-coated.

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