AS 7 wire rope hoist – motor

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There are standard contactor controls available for all common control voltages for crane systems with components from STAHL CraneSystems. In their basic version, the components are supplied with plug connections as far as this is technically possible and meets requirements. The standard equipment can be supplemented individually with various control and monitoring components as well as optional frequency inverters for hoists and travel drives to suit your specific application. This equipment will increase safety in material handling and lengthen the service life of the system.

  • Single girder overhead travelling crane with SH wire rope hoist

    Cable power supply systems

    • Delivery complete with galvanised C-rail, mounting hardware, cantilever arms for clamping, cable trolley, cables and terminal box
  • Plastic bus bar

    Plastic bus bar

    • Delivery complete in straight sections, including mounting and connection hardware, current collector trolley
  • Three different radio remote control units as pushbutton units and a joystick transmitter with controller.

    Radio remote control units

    • Pushbutton units with belt clip, optionally with signal feedback from the crane
    • Robust plastic housing
    • IP 65 protection
    • Other radio remote control units on request
  • Crane control


    • KSG distributed control: lifting and cross travel on the crab, long travel at the crane bridge
    • KSK complete control: all electrical devices in a panel box, for universal use
    • 2 speeds
    • IP 55 protection
    • Temperature range –20 °C to +40 °C
  • Frequency inverter for „Drive“

    Frequency inverter for “Drive”

    • Extension of the system service life through stepless acceleration and deceleration
    • Reduced load swing through soft starting and braking, fast and precise positioning of the load
  • Red control pendant with EMERGENCY STOP pushbutton.

    Control pendants

    • Robust control pendant with EMERGENCY STOP palm button and control cable
    • All switching elements for hoist, cross and long travel are 2-step.
    • IP 65 protection
    • Additional buttons, for example to activate a horn, can easily be fitted.
    • Optional load display. All data displayed can be read out on a notebook with the aid of the SMC Multicontroller.
  • Large-format load indicator with luminous red digits.

    Load display

    • SLD four-digit 7-segment load display (Stahl Load Display), large format, luminous red, available with various interfaces including CAN.
    • Choice of 60, 100 or 150 mm digit height
    • No additional sensor is required as the standard load sensor is used.

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Tandem crane with raised crane bridge


Robust crane endcarriages from modern series production


Photo of SR wheel block with standard drive right

Wheel block

In use wherever loads need to be moved.

 Wheel block

Travel drives for endcarriages

Travel drives

Travel drives for fast and exact positioning of loads.

 Travel drives

Bei der Herstellung explosionsgeschützter Krankomponenten geht STAHL CraneSystems keine Kompromisse ein: eigene Forschung, eigene Produktion, internationale Zulassungen. Und über 100 Jahre Erfahrung.

Explosion-proof components

From crane endcarriages and crane controllers to bronze-coated load hooks.

 Explosion-proof components

A series of ST chain hoists are used in England for maintenance and replacement of railway tracks.


Technicians develop individual custom and off-standard solutions from one of the largest product ranges available.