Intelligent solutions in lifting technology

The term Industry 4.0 describes the intertwining of industrial production with information and communication technologies, resulting in intelligent value chains. Comprehensive networking, automated communication and the analysis of collected data call for new technologies in production and crane systems. With the programmable SMC multicontroller, RCM remote condition monitoring system and the latest generation of frequency inverters, STAHL CraneSystems offers intelligent solutions for crane and hoisting technology.

At the end of the 18th century, mechanisation by steam and water power heralded the first industrial revolution and radically changed the economy and society through new production methods. With the invention of the assembly line and the beginning of mass production at the end of the 19th century as well as the digital revolution at the end of the 20th century, two further developments caused major upheavals in almost all spheres of life. Under the catchword “Industry 4.0”, a further change is currently taking place in industrial production: systems are being linked to enable communication and interaction between people, machines, plants, processes and products – turning rigid production steps into flexible value-added networks. Data from sensors, systems and processes are recorded, processed, shared and evaluated in real time. The networks thus function autonomously on a data basis and are able to exchange information and control themselves.

STAHL CraneSystems – Partners in motion control

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hoist and crane technology, we set an early course for a strong future. We are constantly developing our extensive product portfolio to match modern requirements – the sky is the limit! The programmable SMC multicontroller from STAHL CraneSystems, for example, has long been a key element for intelligent communication and networking between hoist and crane systems, including data analysis and transmission.

Industry 4.0 is promoting not only partnerships at production level, but also cooperation between different departments within enterprises and between enterprises. Magnetek is our strong cooperation partner and is also a member of the Columbus McKinnon family. The company is one of America’s largest suppliers of digital drive and motion control systems for industrial cranes and hoists.

Together as partners in motion control, we will boost our innovative capacity and set new future standards for the industry. Networked centres of excellence at various locations will provide the foundation, where engineers and technicians conduct research and development.

  • Based on a graphic, STAHL CraneSystems offers intelligent solutions for digitisation and networking in production plants.

    STAHL CraneSystems offers intelligent solutions for digitisation and networking in production plants.

  • Detail: SMC multicontroller from STAHL CraneSystems

    The SMC multicontroller from STAHL CraneSystems is used whenever maximum working safety and process reliability are required in crane operations, together with intelligent networking. It is a programmable control and evaluation device for hoist and crane technology.

  • Detail: Remote condition monitoring (RCM) from STAHL CraneSystems

    Remote condition monitoring (RCM) enables wireless data transmission of operating data recorded by the SMC, to a global server via a GSM connection. Authorised persons can access this operating data worldwide. It is possible to retrofit all crane systems equipped with SMC, back to the first generation.

  • Detail: Frequency inverters from Magnetek

    Other components for the intelligent networking of crane systems are the latest generation of frequency converters from Magnetek. They can be configured via external software or directly via inputs on the display.

Digital transparency for intelligent manufacturing

As Industry 4.0 progresses, profitable production will become increasingly difficult. Master this challenge through the digital transformation and smart networking of your production systems, so that everything communicates with everything. To offer you convincing solutions here too, we work together with expert partners who meet our quality standards. With the intelligent solutions from STAHL CraneSystems, you are ideally positioned for the future. With the SMC multicontroller, remote condition monitoring (RCM) and the various frequency converters, you can gain the greatest possible benefit from your data, e.g. better facility management, less downtime with predictive maintenance or increasing occupational safety.

  • Operating data acquisition
  • Load spectrum recorder
  • Automatic load control (ALC)
  • Motor management
  • Load monitoring
  • Extended speed range (ESR)
  • Load early warning
  • Brake monitoring
  • Tandem operation
  • Sway control
  • Slack rope monitoring
  • Efficient power recovery
  • Load display
  • Crane interlock
  • Work area limits
  • Follow me function

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