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It's all about size: In aircraft hangars or train production shops cranes often need to cover wide spans. Off-standard cranes are no rarity here. Apart from unusual designs, high reliability and availability are particularly important in the transport and logistics industry.

  • SHF wire rope hoist lifts an engine in an engine maintenance plant.

    There is only one engine maintenance plant in Europe for the Rolls-Royce engine type Trent, which is used in the Airbus models A 330, A 340 and A 380. It is one of the most modern and advanced maintenance operations worldwide and uses the “vertical strip” method. Frequency-controlled wire rope hoists in the SHF 3 to SHF 6 series are used here. The hoists work without lateral hook movement and extremely low load swing for precise positioning of the load.

  • Three suspension cranes with special suspension were installed for an African airline for maintenance work on aircraft.

    Off-standard design in an African hangar: In order to utilise the full height of the vaulted building and still cover its whole width, the engineers from STAHL CraneSystems developed three off-standard crane systems. The centre crane is located directly underneath the ceiling and lifts loads of up to 5 t. The outer two cranes were each lowered by 6 m on one side. They lift loads of up to 15 tonnes.

  • STAHL CraneSystems: International projects – giant cranes at SR Technics

    Double girder overhead travelling cranes with spans between 12 m and 51 m are used in a hangar at Zurich Airport in Switzerland.

  • Off-standard cranes with six SH 5 wire rope hoists in the railway industry

    Three off-standard cranes with six SH 5 wire rope hoists have room for manoeuvre in the large production hall measuring 52 m x 85 m. When necessary, they can be selected and operated in synchronised mode together, individually or in various combinations with just one radio remote control.

  • A double girder overhead travelling crane with two wire rope hoists hangs in the hall. There are wagons under the wire rope hoists.

    Thirty-six double girder overhead travelling cranes, seven single girder overhead travelling cranes and a suspension crane, all with hoists and crane components from STAHL CraneSystems, are used in a plant for the production and repair of tank and goods wagons in Belarus. The double girder overhead travelling cranes lift the wagon parts, which can weigh up to 20,000 kg, and are partially equipped with operator cabins.

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