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Hydroelectric and pump storage power stations, coal pulverisers and turbine houses – installation and maintenance cranes from STAHL CraneSystems are in use in the most varied types of power station. STAHL CraneSystems’ team of experts are the right people to contact when turbines weighing many tonnes must be positioned with millimetre accuracy or heavy loads need to be moved over great heights.

  • A truck is tipped on to a hydraulic platform.

    The double girder overhead travelling crane with a span of 24 m is equipped with an AS 7 wire rope hoist with a lifting capacity of 5,000 kg. Two load ropes ensure stable and low-swing operation of the bulk grab. The grab has a capacity of 5 m³ at a dead weight of 2,200 kg and was designed specifically for the requirements of the biomass. The weight of the wood chips varies between 200 kg/m³ and 400 kg/m³.

  • Single girder overhead travelling crane with two SH wire rope hoists at the sluices of the Camporredondo dam in northern Spain.

    A single girder overhead travelling crane is used to open and close the cofferdam sluices for maintenance work on a sluice.

  • AS 7 wire rope hoist in the outdoor area of a hydroelectric power station.

    Double girder overhead travelling cranes with AS 7 wire rope hoists are used for maintenance work at one of the largest power stations in Norway. The bridge cranes have a lifting capacity of 41,000 and 60,000 kg.

  • 85 t installation and inspection crane at the Grimsel hydroelectric power station.

    double girder overhead travelling crane with an SHW 8 winch with a safe working load of 85,000 kg is used in a hydroelectric power station in Switzerland for installation and inspection work on a turbine 40 m below. An SH wire rope hoist with a lifting capacity of 10,000 kg serves as auxiliary hoist. Thanks to the special controller, the crane can be controlled particularly precisely and finely. The travelling and lifting speeds move in a range of a few millimetres per second.

  • There are two SH 6 wire rope hoists installed on the double-rail crab with angle drives. The crane is operated automatically via a PLC control.

    In a bio combined heat and power plant an automatic crane with bulk grab picks up fuel and transports it to various parts of the plant.

  • Double girder overhead travelling crane at VVE Benes in Slovakia

    Thanks to the intelligent crane control of this system, which analyses the load and position data of all cranes, trolleys and hoists in real time and controls the movements of the complete system on the basis of this data, the load of the crane system on the building could be reduced to a minimum.

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