Coloured paper reels on pallets

Paper industry

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Positioning paper reels weighing several tonnes precisely is one of the most demanding applications in crane technology. Cranes in paper factories have to operate reliably right around the clock as production downtimes cause high costs. Only expert crane build­ers with sound engineering expertise can meet these requirements.

  • The two synchronised rope lead-offs ensure safe transport of long material such as, for example, heavy reels of paper.

    At paper manufacturer Büttenpapier Gmund, Germany, two STD dual chain hoists ensure the safe handling of heavy paper reels. Thanks to its low headroom, the STD dual chain hoist is also suitable for low-ceilinged buildings.

  • Two SH wire rope hoists with separately controllable load hooks turn a heavy reel of paper so that it can placed in the holders of a machine.

    The double girder overhead travelling crane above a paper machine is operated by radio remote control. Paper reels weighing several tonnes are turned with the help of two SH 6 wire rope hoists with two separately controllable load hooks so that they can be placed in the holders of the machine. The hooks can be set on the right hook spacing on the common rail using an electric drive.

  • A paper reel hangs from two synchronised AS 7 wire rope hoists in a warehouse.

    A double girder overhead travelling crane with three AS 7 wire rope hoists is used for handling reels and for maintenance work at paper manufacturer SAPPI Alfeld AG, in Germany. Two wire rope hoists operating in sync take up a 22,000 kg paper reel from the paper machine every 30 minutes. The hoist for maintenance work is mounted in the middle of the double girder overhead travelling crane. The integrated electronic load summation ensures that a maximum of 30,000 kg can be lifted.

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