A maintenance crane is installed on every LNG tank to lift the liquid gas pump out of the tank for maintenance work.

Oil and gas industry

International references in the oil and gas industry

As the world’s leading builder of explosion-protected hoist and crane technology, STAHL CraneSystems offers the broadest complete portfolio for this sector.

Our references range from explosion-proof cranes in refineries to challenging systems on drilling rigs and maintenance wire rope hoists for natural gas liquefaction plants (LNG plants). The strict safety requirements demand intelligent solutions with state-of-the-art safety mechanisms.

  • LNG hoist with Safety Level 3B

    Redundant, explosion-proof LNG wire rope hoists of the highest Safety Level 3B with articulated trolleys are used at Qatar Gas. The hoists have a lifting capacity of 6,500 kg. Thanks to their oscillatory-mounted suspension and other features, they count among the safest hoists on the market.

  • SH wire rope hoist on a slewing crane at an LNG terminal in Rotterdam.

    In the GATE terminal in the port of Rotterdam, Netherlands, purpose-built redundantly designed LNG hoists are used for the maintenance of the liquid gas pumps. The explosion-protected hoists operate on slewing cranes and have an S.W.L. of 2 x 2,400 kg. An additional slewing crane with an SH 30 Ex Zone 2 wire rope hoist is mounted on each liquid gas tank. With an S.W.L. of 150 kg, these auxiliary cranes are used for transporting tools and small parts.

  • A slewing crane with SH Ex wire rope hoist is mounted on a liquefied gas tank in Shenzhen.

    The explosion-proof SH 60 Ex LNG wire rope hoists in Safety Level 1 with special rope drums are used in slewing cranes on LNG tanks in Shenzhen, China. They have a lifting capacity of 4,200 kg each and a lifting height of 60 m. The enclosure protects the wire rope hoists against all kinds of weather and the salty air in the coastal region.

    Press article on this reference project
    Press article on this reference project

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