Cars run off the assembly line.

Automotive industry

International references in the automotive industry

Whether heavy-duty crane or flexible light crane solution – crane systems in the automotive industry are integrated into complex manufacturing processes.

Just-in-time production and security of supply in the production chain place high demands on the operational reliability of the crane technology. In close cooperation with customers, the engineering experts at STAHL CraneSystems develop the best solution for every production process.

  • An STD dual chain hoist lifts a car body in a Chinese car production plant.

    Using special lifting beams, the dual chain hoist can also lift complete car bodies and transport them safely through the assembly line.

  • Engine production in the hall of an automotive manufacturer.

    Three bridge cranes with three identical AS 7 wire rope hoists each are equipped with stepless drives. Each of the AS 7 wire rope hoists is designed for an S.W.L. of 40,000 kg. The ramshorn hooks in the bottom hook blocks can be electrically rotated for precise load handling.

  • Chassis assembly at SCANIA in Sweden

    The Swedish company Scania is one of the biggest truck manufacturers in Europe and South America. A TDC Twin Drive Concept with an SH wire rope hoist for safe working loads up to 6,300 kg supports the production staff.

  • Freshly painted car bodies hang from an ST 50 chain hoist.

    ST 50 chain hoists help in a car manufacturer´s painting line to lower the body parts into the immersion tank and lift them out again.

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