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Application tips

The first step is the hardest – application tips for your application folder

To make sure that your application folder for STAHL CraneSystems meets all the professional requirements, we’ve put together a few application tips for you here. If you’re applying by e-mail, you should send us your documents as PDF file. By post, you should print all your documents and send them, not folded or punched, to STAHL CraneSystems in an A4 folder. The documents that you need for a complete application are the same whichever method you choose: a personal covering letter, your CV with, if you like, a current photo of you, your last school reports plus any other certificates, qualifications or supporting documents.

Covering letter
When choosing our apprentices and students, we focus more on whether you are motivated and looking forward to your new position, rather than on your school grades. You should therefore tell us in your covering letter why you would like to work at STAHL CraneSystems and what interests you about us. And maybe you already have one or two qualifications for your desired vocation that you can tell us about. In form terms, your covering letter should always contain your home address and the address of STAHL CraneSystems. The date and subject heading should be included before the start of the actual covering letter. You should sign the letter in your own hand.

Curriculum vitae
Your CV should take the form of a table, not continuous text. First list the most important information about yourself (first name, surname, year of birth, place of birth, address, etc.). After this, we are interested in your school career and your interests and skills. If you have already gained some working experience, are involved in social welfare or voluntary work or may have already spent time abroad, we’d also be happy to hear about it. At the top right-hand corner of your CV, you should attach a current photograph of yourself from which you can be easily recognised. The photograph should measure approx. 40 x 55 mm.

School reports, certificates, etc.
All that you need to round off your application folder now is certified copies of your last two school reports. If you already have work or internship references, confirmation of further education or of a voluntary activity, you can also enclose a copy of these.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Natalie Müller.

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Natalie Müller

Human Resources Generalist

STAHL CraneSystems GmbH
Daimlerstr. 6
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Tel  +49 7940 128-2121
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