SHA wire rope hoist –
fast, cost-effective, frequency-controlled


STAHL CraneSystems presents in the SHA wire rope hoist a new, flexible motor concept for light industrial cranes.

The wire rope hoists in the SHA range combine the advantages of frequency-controlled hoist and travel motors (FU) with an adaptive speed range (ASR):
Stepless speed adjustment and smooth starting make work easier and reduce the stress on the crane system.
The adaptive speed control speeds up the lifting and lowering process to three times standard speed if the load is 10 % maximum load or less.
With higher loads the hoisting speed is adapted to the actual load on the hook. The SHA uses less power due to the lower output, reducing stress on the power supply and conserving valuable resources.

The SHA comes into its own in production environments where lower loads are lifted frequently, however a higher lifting capacity is required for occasional applications. A flexible range of applications and an excellent price-performance ratio make the SHA wire rope hoist an attractive alternative to the SH series of wire rope hoists.


STAHL CraneSystems: SHA wire rope hoist

SHA wire rope hoist — the advantages

  • 6 S.W.L. variants between 3,200 kg and 10,000 kg
  • Frequency-controlled hoist and travel motors
  • Adaptive speed control
  • Three times the hoisting speed up to 10 % nominal load
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Smooth starting reduces stress on crane system and building
  • Maintenance-friendly, long-lived


  Functioning of ASR on the example of: SHA 5016-16 4/1
STAHL CraneSystems: graphic illustrating an example of the ASR function

  Wire rope hoist recommendation on the basis of load spectrum
STAHL CraneSystems: graphic of wire rope hoist recommendation on the basis of load spectrum


Information material

Product brochures

The SH wire rope hoist

(24 pages / 03.2017)

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The SHA wire rope hoist

(6 pages / 10.2015)

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Cutaway views

The SH wire rope hoist

(1 page / 07.2015)

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The wire rope hoist

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Product information

Wire Rope Hoists SH / SHF / AS

220 pages / 07.2016

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The SH wire rope hoist

(Poster: 80 x 60 cm / 07.2015)

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The wire rope hoist

(Poster: 80 x 60 cm / 07.2015)

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