Standard ST chain hoist –
your loyal companion for everyday use


The ST series from STAHL CraneSystems ranks among the most comprehensive chain hoist programmes on offer in world. In use in thousands of applications for many decades, modernised and optimised over and over again, the ST chain hoist is a true classic. Powerful, reliable and undemanding as far as maintenance and power consumption are concerned, the ST series comes in 6 S.W.L. ranges, from 63 kg to 6,300 kg. The chain hoists can be used as stationary hoists with suspension hook or eye, with rigid mounting, or with a push or electric trolley, and are especially suitable for rugged applications in industry.
Thanks to the modular design of the ST series, we can develop a suitable off-standard hoist for every tricky problem. Not rarely do these developments later find their way into our standard hoist programme:
e.g. the [extra] short headroom trolley with extremely short headroom. Or the STD dual chain hoist, which is now also available as STD Vario with adjustable spacing between the hooks.

We also build the complete ST chain hoist programme in explosion-proof design. STAHL CraneSystems was the first builder to convert its entire chain hoist program to conform to ATEX.


Standard ST chain hoist

Standard ST chain hoists –
the benefits

  • Proven thousands of times
  • All precision parts from own production, made in Germany
  • Robust, reliable, undemanding
  • Very high classification according to FEM
  • 6 S.W.L. variants from 63 to 6,300 kg
  • Five different suspension variants possible
  • Two lifting and travel speeds as standard
  • Modular system: hoist components combinable at will
  • Many off-standard solutions since incorporated into the standard programme


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