The new ST chain hoist
“Good is not good enough for us!”


The ST chain hoist has been one of the most compact and robust chain hoists in the market since its launch. Created on the basis of the T series, development in the 1990s produced a number of crucial changes, such as the changeover from sliding rotor motors to cylindrical rotor motor with electromagnetic disc brake.
Its integration into the Columbus McKinnon Corporation has allowed STAHL CraneSystems once again to revise and further develop the tried and tested chain hoist series. At the International Fair for Distribution, Material and Information Flow (LogiMAT) 2017, the company will be presenting the new ST chain hoist.


The first model in the new ST chain hoist series that STAHL CraneSystems is presenting to the market is the new ST 50 chain hoist with a lifting capacity of 2,500 to 5,000 kg. In future, the range will completely cover the lifting capacity range from 125 kg to 6,300 kg. The modular construction and compact design of the chain hoist series mean that the series can easily be individually adapted to special requirements or customer requirements. Endless variants, such as the STD double chain hoist, the STB BigBag solution, the Short Crab and the Super Short Crab can be realised with the chain hoist programme without any problem. All versions comply with the RoHS guidelines and are particularly energy-efficient.

Direct suspension from the patented chain guide made from solid cast metal means that the new ST chain hoist is one of the safest in the market. The load is carried precisely where it occurs.

The operating safety of the new ST chain hoist is increased due to the improved gearbox layout. The coupling which, in contrast to the predecessor model, is outside the force flow during braking plays a major role here. The brake acts directly on the load and can easily be accessed from outside. Brake pad status can thus be checked at any time via an axial opening. If the system is stationary, it does not affect the slipping clutch. Permanent lubrication with part-synthetic oil means that the entire gearbox is very low-maintenance.

But this is not enough. Apart from using tried and tested technology, the new ST chain hoist will also build bridges into the future. Because of the changed mechanical layout in the housing of the new ST, there is enough room for retrofitting of additional equipment and options. Networking of the product with cutting-edge information and communication technology is already planned and in preparation.
Industry 4.0 – we’re on our way!

Picture 1:
The new ST chain hoist from STAHL CraneSystems was presented at LogiMAT in March 2017.
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Picture 3:
With the new ST chain hoist, the coupling is not within the force flow during braking. This means that it offers significantly improved operating safety.
Picture 4:
Brake is easy to access and check from outside.
Picture 5:
The new layout of the mechanical components of the ST chain hoist leaves enough room for retrofitting.
Picture 6:
The tried and tested, conventionally wired contactor control means that it is easy to replace components.