Condition monitoring –
evaluate crane data and detect problems in advance


Condition monitoring systems come into play whenever production processes need to be monitored and controlled. They detect system errors, record wear and tear on the components, minimise damage and avoid costly consequences.
It is thus possible to develop and optimise individual maintenance intervals and thus take preventative action. Condition monitoring systems make an important contribution to the availability of crane systems, they increase process safety and safety at work and in the last analysis raise the cost effectiveness of your production.


STAHL CraneSystems: Condition monitoring systems


STAHL CraneSystems offers various systems for this purpose:


Condition monitoring –
the advantages

  • Error detection prevents costly subsequent damage
  • Records of crane data and operating times make processes transparent
  • Wear analysis makes intelligent maintenance plans possible and allows downtimes of the crane system to be scheduled
  • Load monitoring for increased safety


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